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  1. I've never heard of him being a pedophile. This is something u just dug up.
  2. Their business office is closed, hahne is closed. Most business employees are already off on weekends. Dr office are off. The only ones I can think of that u mean are registration and they need people there.
  3. What hospital gives their staff off? Who is going to take care of the patients. Good way to try and make PH look bad but that was a dumb comment.
  4. And the poor girl received no support from her own family or community. Sad.
  5. If I'm having a heart attack, I'm going to the hospital. Also, would not trust dog dewormer to cure cancer. These are major health issues to play around with.
  6. Lyndsey33


    I believe the new infusion place has to do with weigh loss and boosting immunity.
  7. I've had lymes several times and have never been told about a vaccine.
  8. And how come its not a life until birth but u read many times when a women gets killed when pregnant and often the person who killed her is charged with 2 murders, one being the unborn baby.
  9. I always say the same thing. If its "her" body then the abortion would kill her too.
  10. Not necessarily kids. A lot of adults vandalize as well.
  11. You don't have to shop online to have ur card used. These people type in random numbers until they work. I shop online all the time with no issues. My grandma doesn't shop online but has had her card compromised several times. I also pay all of my bills online with no issues. Its the "luck of the draw" so to speak.
  12. I've never had anything on my receipt I did t purchase at walmart.
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