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  1. I know of them both but don't know where they live 🤣
  2. My hubby was really sick in March. Hacking up a storm, fever. 2 negative covid tests. Guess what his Dr diagnosed him with.. a bad case of bronchitis. It still does exist!
  3. I'm kind of surprised they are allowed to announce that he has Hep C. Seems like a HIPPA violation. No I'm not defending him. Sounds like a Looney bin.
  4. There are 2 Brandy pierce's and they are 2 years apart. Maybe this is the one who really does live in FC.
  5. I'm not influencing anything. I didn't state what I think should happen to him in this post. Just that it will be interesting to see what happens. The jurors aren't allowed to talk about the trial as it goes on anyways.
  6. Lyndsey33


    My cousin was just picked to be on the jury for the case of the local Amish man who molested his daughters. It will be interesting to see how this plays out. The other local man who raped his kids just got 30-80 years in prison thank goodness. Now those kids can being to heal as hopefully the daughters of this man do.
  7. Jefferson is in the Tri County area
  8. Wasn't snow white poisoned and he kissed her to save her life? I guess mouth to mouth resussitaion will be a no no next because the dying person can't consent to being breathed into.
  9. First off, how do you know there have been no fines. It isn't like they advertise who they are fining. Secondly, you said you did your part by adding a # to your house so don't worry about others. A number is a very minimal thing to have to purchase and display.
  10. Im sure I would have been on the defense too.
  11. An annulment vs a divorce...either way the marriage is disolved. Im sorry but it makes absolutely no sense that one is ok and the other is not.
  12. I'm not Catholic so this really gets to me. It's a mortal sin to get divorced so they would rather have you stay In a marriage and continue to be physically/mentally abused, cheated on, miserable etc? How is that right??
  13. Wasn't it like zacks bbq shack or brodys?
  14. Sorry but this has made me literally lol. I feel like I'm listening to my nephews fight..they are 8&12.. and always call eachother stupid while they argue.
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