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  1. No not my nachos. I will go over the boarder and get them!!
  2. Must be why I couldn't get nachos at sheetz the other day. They were plum out.
  3. Yup. People just go see Dimitri the weed guy 😄😄. He is by the old Jeep Inn. No I am not a customer.
  4. Is this separate from the shelter?
  5. Scanner said one person with minor injuries and the other just shaken up.
  6. She just asked a question. What's the big deal. People on here seem to know things so she asked. Molly..from what I have seen Shawn Lesky, Jessica Copenhaver seem to be admins.
  7. We if half the school has it, give it to the other half and they will be good to go by Christmas. No more Covid at Jeff Tech right?
  8. If she knew who to complain to, she wouldn't be asking on here.
  9. Well I hope someone has told the unborn babies not to arrive until later.
  10. That was her own dumb fault and she should be embarrassed to even say she fell for it.
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