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  1. Darn it, I won't be in town!!!
  2. Lol, I just can't wait to see it, I'm hoping it's a really good game!
  3. Soooo, who is everyone cheering for on Monday night? I like both teams, so whoever wins, I'll be happy for them.
  4. And Spygate II seems to have just gone away.......The Bengals were the worst team at the time. The Cheats get caught outright spying on the Bengals. Anyone with any common sense would know that if they were spying on the worst team in the NFL, they sure as hell were spying on the other teams. They just get away with everything. Shady Lady just decides to destroy his phone when Deflate Gate was exposed? C'mon! Ugh, I guess you can tell that I despise everything they stand for. If Olympians can be stripped of medals, NFL teams should be stripped of SB's for cheating. And BTW, I have to say
  5. That game yesterday was the best, since the beloved Steelers weren't in the playoffs. But, it sure made my day. I just wish the Saints had won today
  6. Of course it's just not the same at all. I know we are spoiled, but we expect our beloved Steelers to be there every year. I have teams that I really like, so I am hoping for two of my teams that I really like to meet in this years big game. (Fingers crossed) I am going to get this book asap. I love Joe Greene and I love this interview. https://adifferentwaytowin.com/joegreenevideo/?fbclid=IwAR0Chxzejh23bDAvy_9fx-wC3ukBBlEuxC1Y3GlrT8nmE3Mi5-FaNqOjhgg
  7. Last one of the year, I'll miss him. Here's to next year and SB #7!
  8. Why hasn't anything been done about the cover up? I've been asking that since the story broke...where is the NCAA now? Where is the investigation? Where is the daily coverage on all of the major news outlets? Oh and same thing with Michigan State...WTH???
  9. steelnut

    Faith Marie

    I'm so happy to hear that she's doing so well, she's a little fighter!
  10. Happy for our PSU team today. Happy for LSU and I'm cheering like crazy for Clemson. Herbstreit is about to pee himself, I swear. He's just like hearing Aikman and Buck announce a Cowgirl game.
  11. I'm so sorry to hear this, prayers for everyone.
  12. steelnut

    Faith Marie

    Prayers for baby Faith and for you and the family too.
  13. Love him. I want Hines smile back and Ben back and Munchak back too!!!
  14. I really did lol when he said something about folks cringing at Collinsworth!
  15. Typical Cheat tactic, fire the person hired to do the dirty work and give him a good payoff to keep his mouth shut. Filming the Bengals, one of the worst teams this year.....if anyone believes it was ONLY the Bengals...I don't know what else to say. Well, I will say one more thing. Olympians get stripped of their medals when caught cheating. This team has always cheated, have never stopped cheating and they get to keep their SB's, it's just wrong. It sure does help them that their perverted owner is the dirty commish's best buddy. I'm disgusted!!!
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