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  1. You know this is satire right? I agree our kids are being brainwashed but Babylon Bee is a satire site. Is a comedy video
  2. Haha I love Babylon Bee. It’s great when comedy news is close to regular news
  3. Although I agree with a lot of your posts this one I disagree with. Saying if you’re not on “team god” then you are against him or if someone isn’t a follower of god potentially makes someone on the wrong side. That’s the same thing as saying if you don’t agree with a lifestyle you’re a bigot or racist. I’m far from religious and I’m not Christian but I try to be the best person I can be and treat people with dignity and respect. I do have shades of grey and I don’t think all lives matter. I don’t think rapists, child molesters and animal abusers lives matter at all and I’m pretty honest about that. If I misunderstood your comment then I humbly apologize. But I don’t think you’re either team god or team satan.
  4. This guy doesn’t care because he already lost his balls
  5. Probably get scolded for this but oh well? That’s the very least that should happen to sex offenders. More harsh and painful punishments should happen.
  6. I hope he hangs everyday and he gets a taste of his own medicine in jail. Death should be the punishment
  7. People will have only themselves to blame whenever automated systems take over the jobs they abandoned.
  8. Unfortunately he’s probably going to get off due to it being “a hate crime” is how it will get spun.
  9. https://www.connectradio.fm/2021/05/07/city-of-dubois-starts-new-police-security-force-at-penn-highlands/ Exsisting department staff was told nothing. Potential job loss?
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