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  1. See attached photo, taken just before noon today. It looks to me that sheathing is being applied, probably in preparation for some kind of siding on the two sides facing streets.
  2. Now I'm puzzled. I just now got back from a trip to DuBois. I was surprised to see the wall of the Eastside building is now covered wit Tyvec. Why, I wonder. Isn't it going to be torn down tomorrow?
  3. Two thoughts: 1: I looked at the Sanborn maps. The 1906 edition shows the East Side building, earlier editions don't cover that part of town. So, the building dates to the first decade of the 20th Century, if not earlier. 2: As I came by there yesterday, I noticed most of the brick was gone from the collapsed side. Did it just fall off or had someone poked/prodded it?
  4. "Why just why" "He proceeded to stand on the seat of the motorcycle with his arms raised." That's probably a large part of why.
  5. "he attempted years and years ago to abolish Sandy TWP police department " Perhaps he was merely ahead of the curve? "Defund the police" is all the rage these days, dontcha know.
  6. "If the majority votes no for it..." That has happened three times now. "...then so be it." Apparently not, for the question is rattling around again.
  7. It looks like about half the building collapsed. See attached aerial view.
  8. " Forget regular old Covid, the variants is what will kill us all now!" No, no, no! It's Global Warming, er, ah, Global Climate Change that's going to do the deed.
  9. rnetzlof


    " I wouldn't [...] Plant a female ginkgo. The fruit is abundant, sloppy and has a four odor." Oh my yes. The high school I attended had a row of ginkos along the sidewalk in front of the school. Every year the sidewalk would be paved with fallen fruit and the air filled with the reek.
  10. Just to add to the mystery: Years ago I was in what is now the Equimeter building, in a room next to the boulevard, in the end up near the railroad. The fellow showing me around lifted a panel in the floor, exposing a couple big pipes (maybe 12" diameter) with big valves. He said "If you open those valves, it drains Treasure Lake. At least, that's what I've been told." It made sense, because that building used to be the DuBois Iron Works, and Treasure Lake used to be John DuBois' Lake Renee which existed mainly to supply water to the iron works and the saw mills. Today I went by on
  11. What's up on the boulevard? Something to do with water mains?
  12. Reynoldsville Walmart Super Center
  13. When joe633pack uses a word, it means what he wants it to mean, no more, no less, nothing else. He is the supreme arbiter of language as well as morality and propriety.
  14. A long time ago, pre-911, the telephone in the Brockway fire house rang. "Brockway Fire Department." "My house is on fire. Get out here. (click)" The fellow answering the phone set off the fire alarm to get people to the station and figured that whoever it was would call back. Sure enough the phone rang: "Brockway Fire Department." "Where the H*** are you? My house is on fire. Get out here!" but the fireman quickly got in "Where are you?" "You know where I live! (click)." As it turned out, the fellow answering the phone DID recognize the caller's voice and di
  15. "...pipes with methamphetamine residence..." Has proof-reading become a lost art? Or have auto-correct routines taken over the world?
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