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  1. A long time ago, pre-911, the telephone in the Brockway fire house rang. "Brockway Fire Department." "My house is on fire. Get out here. (click)" The fellow answering the phone set off the fire alarm to get people to the station and figured that whoever it was would call back. Sure enough the phone rang: "Brockway Fire Department." "Where the H*** are you? My house is on fire. Get out here!" but the fireman quickly got in "Where are you?" "You know where I live! (click)." As it turned out, the fellow answering the phone DID recognize the caller's voice and di
  2. "...pipes with methamphetamine residence..." Has proof-reading become a lost art? Or have auto-correct routines taken over the world?
  3. The only place along Montmorenci Road where a train could hit anyone is right down in town by the old B&O station.
  4. Makes me wonder why the driver thought it was a good idea to go there.
  5. Ah, I see. A portmanteau of "jeans" and "leggings".
  6. Come on, man. They're just trying to save the planet.
  7. Come on, man. They're just trying to ave the Planet.
  8. The whole thing has become unbelievable. First I heard of it was that the army had piles of cash at various posts in the midwest, there to be able to pay the troops. Washington was worried that the Rebs might attack out there and seize the coins. Ordered everything back to Washington for safe keeping. Why would there be any gold bars out in the midwest in the 1850s -1860s? Any, let alone tons? Piles of coins I can believe, tons of ingots? Pah! Someone has been smoking something odd.
  9. Did joe6pack appear here only after conservativeman633 disappeared?
  10. "Where are the improved roads?" Philadelphia?
  11. "Originally it was going into the Nittany Mall." It still could be. The Nittany Mall is "...within a 15-mile radius of Unionville Borough". That circle includes Port Matilda, Snow Shoe, Howard, Centre Hall, Lemont, State College, and Boalsburg. No, I don't think any sane person would locate a casino in Snow Shoe or Port Matilda (although "build it and they will come" may apply), but those place names give an idea how much of Centre County is covered by that 15-mile radius.
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