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  1. Mayor Petey Bootyjudge the Transport Sceretary, says the money will go for CHILD SAFETY.
  2. Ask that question. WHY? If one American life is lost, Biden should be impeached.
  3. Then it would be Vice Pres Pelosi. Imagine that
  4. A Liberal is retiring. A Liberal will be appointed.
  5. I hope that flag isnt flying over the military base. You come here for asylum. YOU ARE AMERICAN. Not AFGHAN.
  6. And where are the Liberals and the Go Dubois trinity on that one. Between the gas pipeline and now Ukraine who really was colluding with RUSSIA? What does Putin have on Sleepy JOe? People are going to be slaughter.
  7. jaman

    NO F-N WAY

    Liberals want a Civil war.
  8. Looks like at least 10 in Glasstown.
  9. And the guys who may get named will sing on the others in the book.
  10. It not you Keyz, its the out of area crazies who have no idea how to drive in this. If if you hear a truck drivers name Osugie Ofemuie or Salem Bin Laden. Bet on crazy weather driver.
  11. An Interstate warning ought to be announced already. At 5 pm interstate 80 will be closed to all through traffic from I79 to I99. Essential and emergency vehicles only. Or right lane only. Speed Limit 25.
  12. Weather Channel 6-11 Accuweather 8-12 I figure 7-9 unless the moisture tracks farther West. Then we will get blitzed.All bets will be off. They are forecasting wet "Heart Attack" snow. With these temps? Be careful.
  13. Cut off food and supplies to the people. For more control of the public. This could be solved tomorrow. Put more truckers on the road. Plus call up the military truck drivers.
  14. If harris or pelosi gets in power. Russia will be on our East Coast and China on the est Coast waiting to walk in. Bet in Vegas on it. I'll take 10:1 right now if that happened.
  15. That's what the Suburban BMW Soccermom's wanted. And we got it.
  16. They are going to have another FAKE insurrection because their poll numbers are tanking.
  17. Did you forget the flour? With those ingredients you can last a while on breads and pancakes. Throw in some sugar, you can have sugar cookies too. Good enough to get by.
  18. Gatorade has been hard to get in single 12 or 20 oz bottles. Walmart got a shipment in today. By the time you see this, it may be gone. I ve see 4-5 weel lapses until they get more.
  19. I went a day early this morning. Just like I did before the Holiday. The Thursday before when I usually like Friday. between the 5 degree weather Friday thru Sun and the potential for huge snow Sun night. I beat the rush. Friday will be manic day.
  20. The Mayor has to investigate why there wasnt enough oxygen in the tanks. And was there an air cascade unit on scene to refill. Sounds like a Deblasio cut back.
  21. LIberal Supreme judge spreading propaganda. She should be questioned. And sanctioned if she has purposely lied.
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