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    Remember! GOD BLESS AMERICA!
  2. I was top 3 for 6 years straight. I was there the 2nd year they opened the doors. They are a great family but its got too big for me now with the CBD too. It's the place to go. IImay go to visit them and have some popcorn watching the people.
  3. Went out and got my blueberries. Went to Himes in reynoldsville. The first 5 or 6 rows were picked. Went to middle of field. Bingo! Plenty. I then weighed my berries and was looking to pay. Was no signs or directions. They are on the honor system there. They are good people. I found a small sign high on the wall saying they will be open July 9-10,16-17,23-24, and 30-31. $1.20 lb. I put a little extra. They were free gratus last year but I still gave a donation. I did notice their new saplings from 2 years ago not looking good. But the Middle looked plentiful. I picked a few pounds just from 3 bushes. Maxims not open to July 16. For 12 years I got up at 5 to be there. Im too old for that now.
  4. jaman


    Be serious about a 3rd party
  5. Dont get too greedy. people voted for Biden. It would not surprise me they would vote AOC President. Thatwould be the final nail in the coffin for this country.
  6. Looks like a low rung attractive(Yes, I said it)staffer was upset she wasnt at the top of the list and didnt get a job at Mar A Lago. I hope after the Secret Service discredits her, she is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law for lying under oath. Dont bet on it.
  7. jaman


    I was perot 92. In 96 he went off the rails.
  8. jaman


    And that is why we need a viable 3rd party
  9. But this year its been coopted by Juneteenth. That new Social Justice Holiday. God bless our fathers.
  10. Yep. They were trying to break into Republican Offices. Lets see if we have a Committee to investigate. Schiff should resign immediately.
  11. Here we go with the variants. The Chinese must be emptying their Lab cabinet.
  12. We need electric cars so when Putin or China shut us down, they can be blamed.
  13. We need electric cars so when Putin or China shut us down, they can be blamed.
  14. Id sue the guy for everything in his life. And the future if he didnt have it now..............
  15. Chuck Schumer violated Federal Law. When is AG Garland going to arrest him. Garland is a poor pathetic AG who got his job as a consolation prize.
  16. jaman

    Gun Control

    There is no need for this legislation if the current tough laws on Liberal Cities books were enforce.
  17. Total ridiculous. What has happened at Disney? Ill never go there again. And people should boycott. Starring the usual Liberal suspects. Guest Starring Lynne Cheney. A daughter of the Swamp. They all stick together. She could careless about Wyoming. And Adam Kingzinger. he's a "zinger". Cant wait to see who the sponsers are. But remember 81 million voted for this government. Including a bunch here.
  18. 81 million people voted for this. Dont forget that.
  19. They hate and defund the Military. Until something effects them. They had removed law enforcement. Now who are crying for. I want to see the National Guard to try and arrest criminals. We all know then the tide will change. Theyll say they cant do that.
  21. That's what happens when you have a crooked government and defund the police. Its also an advertisement to not visit the City of Baltimore.
  22. Can I get a refund on my college costs? No surprise. The WOKE professors get paid. The universities get paid. THE TAXPAYER gets screwed. Im beginning in beleiving that being a cheat or liar now pays off thanks to this President and the the WOKE
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