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  1. My neighbors peppers are taking off too.
  2. My eggplant. Disaster. My Beefsteak and Roma tomatoes just starting. Cucumbers just starting. Strawberry plant. trying to salvage it. Next year im going to do a raised garden. Not a potted garden.
  3. Watoos is OK outside of politics and his indulgment of all Conspiracy theories.
  4. jaman

    CDC: Masks

    Then paste about 6 inches of cotton on the bottom of a red mask and you can use it as your Santa mask.
  5. jaman

    CDC: Masks

    Masks are back. Right in time for the start of school. As predicted. Everybody will be back wearing by Thanksgiving. (Hopefully wrong on that one.)
  6. When you have vacuum sealed and not the everyday Ziplock bags, it's a dead giveaway.
  7. Dont worry . Biden is providing them through the Southern Border.
  8. Great Post. remember who Obama supported for President and they got 1% in their primary. Kamala Harris. And look who is now VP. The Current White House is in Martha's Vineyard with the rich and famous.
  9. YES. But will it happen. History has shown their are always a few long termers.
  10. I agree with you. But just like your first sentence. GREAT POINT. History has shown this area regardless of change will stay the same except for a few beneficiaries. if you are going new, go all NEW including new fresh faces. otherwise its like the old cliche, your just putting lipstick on the same pig.
  11. Mr Beers had a great question for Mr Abbott. What type of Government structure do you want? You better disclose what type of Government? Or In 6 months on Go Dubois people will be saying they didnt vote for that type of government. Well, you just might have in your vote for consolidation without disclosure. TOTAL DISCLOSURE. Demand the type of Government is on the Ballot..Not just a blank consolidate emotion vote. And yes, TL is a gem (Mr Abbott. NOw we are seeing a little behind the curtain)but if they vote for consolidation that means TREASURE LAKE, too. Like another poster questioned. The
  12. Was walking Rails to Trails in Brockway. Downstream it looks like the fires would be closer.
  13. Accuweather and the NWS are forecasting the next 3 days of bad air quality due to the weather stream blowing in smoke from the fires in the Mid west and West.
  14. I have been going there since they opened their gates. Its has grown. Great people. Patrick is great. This is the first time in many years I didnt get up at 530 to beat the crowd. They have become that popular in this part of the state.IM getting too old and rickety. next year maybe Ill just order.
  15. If I had good pasting skills Id paste Page 4 from the Dubois Courier.
  16. Congradulations to PSU Dubois. This building has been well needed. As a student who went there over 30 yrs ago, Should have been done 20 years ago. The bathrooms and Locker rooms were always inadequate. Especially for events. The Fitness Center was adequate at best. Its nice to see PSU University Park finally recognizing the branch campus.
  17. Mom should have been charged with some aiding and abetting charges.
  18. Obama's FBI. What did you expect? Ever since then the Obamaites in the FBI have botched the FBI. The FBI is a disgrace.
  19. No surprise. Its CNN again. Communist News Network.
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