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  1. I don't know where you live, but we have often (as well as neighbors) placed items in front yard with "FREE" sign and 95% of the time it is gone within an hour(s). When I lived in DuBois, people used to drive around the neighborhoods on garbage night looking for stuff put out to trash. Guess the saying is true, one man's junk is another man's treasure. You could always place an add (it's free) on Classified in the FREE section if you haven't already (pictures too). Good luck!
  2. When I was there their masks were around their necks but cashiers still wearing gloves. Also heard an interesting conversation the cashier was telling the person ahead of me who was wearing her mask " I just think they are making a big deal out of nothing. It's (virus) no different than addiction or cancer and they aren't making a big deal over those." followed by an eye roll...just told myself everyone has an opinion and went to the car.
  3. I know he is not the big box deep discount store and would not expect the $1.88 price but completly took me by surprise is all. Would be nice if the people were making more during this time.
  4. True story we are both Blue Collar redneck fans ... we, I mean they are one of the best in our books!
  5. I am wondering how much your local grocery stores are charging for a 1.5 dozen (18) of eggs...also 8 lbs of potatoes ... my cost (IF) I needed and bought them in Brockway .. 1.5 dozen(18) eggs $6.98 I thought I saw the unit price $38.84... might I say STICKER SHOCK ... and 8 lbs of potatoes ... 7.99 ...maybe I just never realized it before but when I was able to get to DuBois, I don't EVER remember seeing that price before on eggs.
  6. My husband always laughs and says ... "Diamonds...that will shut her up..for awhile" ... cracks me up now I say it as often if not more than he does!
  7. I went to Martin's in DuBois this morning for my Easter supplies and there was only 1 other person wearing a mask other than myself. Figured next week will be busier due to Easter shoppers. I can say I've never felt uneasy around other people until today. Definitely makes you aware how close people are to you. Surprised to see several elderly couples not seem concerned about keeping their distance from other shoppers. I too was in and out in 15 mins had my list arranged by isle and stuck to it.
  8. Think the 60s and 70s children and maybe some of the 80s had some of the best childhood experiences and music. But I'm sure others will have their own thoughts on this. All in the eye of beholder so to say.
  9. Does anyone else realize the commercials are back to being louder than regular shows again? To me this is MORE maddening than the commercials!!
  10. Agree with both ..but hope girl with annoying voice is NOT Flo's replacement!!
  11. I think every town has it's own band of rednecks ...I am sure most are my relatives! I ok with that!
  12. Do not remember Herb.. I remember the Bug Mac Filet of Fish Quarter Pounder French Fries jingle.. And memories of fishing at the Tannery with my Grandpa running to little store across from fire hall (Herb & Toms?) buying loaf of bread & bologna for our lunch a couple times...and riding in the back of my dad's truck sitting on wheel well hair blowing in the wind ..a lot of good memories for sure!
  13. I was sharing with my daughter when I was a child I remember proudly marching up to the counter in Burger King (DuBois) and without any shame proclaimed in a loud voice …"the whopper beat the big mac!" My reward was a free whopper with my purchase! HAHA I also remember the "Where's the beef" commercial with the older ladies in the car! My daughter just laughed at me. Oh to be a kid again with my only worry being getting my free whopper!!
  14. SunnyinPA


    Do not know the answer to your question. I've wondered if the hospital was going to do a blood drive, but haven't seen anything advertised. I thought at one time I had seen where the hospital would be doing this, but that was before the virus.
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