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  1. This Ad is SOLD!

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    Curio has movable glass shelves, hinge glass doors and inside light. Curio is in very good condition.


  2. Time Left: 1 month and 21 days

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    10” Craftsman table saw with movable stand and stabilizers. Includes bead cutter wheel and various cutters for beading work. Also 10 10" various saw blades. The saw table has an attached rotor with rotor fence that servers table saw and rotor. The fence also has a dust collector nozzle to attach a shop vac to it for dust collecting. Everything runs well with additional blades.


  3. Michaeldemma

    2000 GMC Yukon Slt 4WD

    Time Left: 1 month and 15 days

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    219,716 miles, Runs and starts great and tracks straight and reliable transportation. Has 2WD mode, AW mode, 4WD Hi mode, and 4 WD LO mode all functioning, Power sun roof, Leather interior in good condition-non smoker, powered & heated seats, factory cd & cassette and premium sound speakers-sounds great, all interior systems work well, good tires and the wear is even due to rotations with good spare never used, all mechanical operating systems work, steering tracks straight at highway speeds and has been kept highway worthy, has factory tow package and hitch, May 2019 inspection Brakes LF 10/32 RF 10/32, Tires 7/32. Complete list of repair history with receipts- RF wheel bearing assembly @215,725, inspection @ 215,557, Front to rear axile brake line replaced 215,160, cabin filter replaced, new water pump and coolant @211,372, rear brakes & rotors & LR caliper @201,275, Front wheel sensors @ 192,222, chg transmition and transfer case filters and fluids @ 183,502, New tires @ 179,744, converted electric shocks to passive shocks frt and rear-message light is now on @176,981, replaced rocker panels both sides @150,000 and more history of repairs available. Tires rotated around every 7,000 miles oil changes with sys oil every 5 to 6,000. All fluid levels are topped. Some rust around rear wheels that I keep touching up with paint and other paint finish of vehicle good. When coming to a stop at the last turn of the wheels before coming to a complete stop the frt ABS Brakes engaged for a sec. The last time this happened I changed the frt wheel sensors and it corrected the problem. These are the only known issues I’m aware off. I call my suv my living room on wheels and it is a beast in the snow and I still garage keep it. .