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  1. 80/20. Concentrate on the 20% that generates 80% of substance, leads, sales, results. Don't waste time on the rest, filter the 80% at the door however you can (price point, if you're expensive, look expensive, vice versa, attract the clients you want, not the ones you don't want). When you find 80% of your requests are for one or a few types of jobs make that your niche and become an expert. Keep a spreadsheet of everything you do so you can quantify that 20% and know exactly what is working instead of guessing. Never, ever work for free. Have 3 months income saved.
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    Amish Transport

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    Will transport Amish to and from shopping, appointments. etc. DuBois and immediate surrounding areas, Troutville, Reynoldsville. Contact to schedule. Experienced delivery driver. Not quite sure how to advertise to the Amish community via internet but pass along to your Amish acquaintances or neighbors, would appreciate the share. If anyone does know a better way or community place to advertise a service such as this within the Amish community, contact.


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