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  1. We have Dish and like it but they all go through contract disputes now and then. Push comes to shove and programing is lost for awhile. A couple years back Dish was involved in one. With football season coming they will settle.
  2. Cameron's outside of Rossiter and Dobson's in Punxsy open for picking!
  3. Anyplace open for picking yet?
  4. YouTube + thermocouple = done
  5. No dog in the fight but it looks like council was trying to craft an ordnance to address abusive behavior. They modified to exempt normal everyday actions. No mention of advanced permission to use "non-pedestrian" modes of travel, leaving it up to officer discretion. Grandma in a wheelchair on the walkway probably ok but a BMX course probably not. Looks like they rushed this through and they could have done better. Good intentions but was the Solicitor on vacation?
  6. Hostofchucks

    D Day

    While watching President Trump's Normandy speech I saw Wally Hurd in the second row. Wally traveled to France with Bob Lott of Post 2076 in Punxsutawney. Wally is 94 years young. Wally was with the 82nd Airborne and parachuted into the battle. See Wally 14:38 into the Fox replay of the speech when President Trump was honoring the last survivor of Company A Private Russell Pickett.
  7. Looks like Justin was selected in 35th. round by the Baltimore Orioles. Another local kid from Punxsutawney also with Kent State ties Johnny Matthews went in the 8th to the Texas Rangers. Any other local picks?
  8. Told today at the final game by the PSU Athletic Director that it will be back next year. Baseball for sure, don't know about Softball. Congrats to the boys on a great win and a repeat!
  9. Baseball team in the winner's bracket championship at 3:00 today! Two more wins to repeat.
  10. Correct me if I am wrong but didn't they extend the use of our old drivers license for domestic air travel? When will the rules change to produce a Real ID, Passport or a Passport card for domestic air travel? Looks like Oct first unless extended again?
  11. Missed that take on the situation. My point is have a container to keep their tailgate area clean and use it. Miss the bag get a fine, get wasted go to jail and miss the show.
  12. How about enforcing the laws already in place. Hand out a thousand or so littering fines starting as the parking lots open. Word would spread fast if you started when people are still sober. Enforce public intox laws and perhaps open container law enforcement. Demand the promoter double or triple security using off duty city officers, area officers and State Police. My one and only new requirement would be a large trash bag at each and every vehicle in the lot. No bag ... no entry or sell them a Ten Dollar trash bag!
  13. http://www.dogfoodproject.com Loaded with info.
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