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  1. Third pic looks like a former Steeler wide receiver, Doubt AB has fallen this low, .............yet.
  2. Not of the mind to defund the police at all but... the nude sunbathing drone unit can go! Unless of course they profile their targets
  3. Never had Goya but I need some, any left?
  4. First Amendment audits involving pics and videos is a thing now days (YouTube). Lawsuits have been won. Looks like Brookville PD either has or would pass such a audit. Good job by all involved. The man gave ID to the police so he knows he is on their radar.
  5. In addition to the safety aspect, hitting a animal falls under the comprehensive coverage. Swerve and miss the beast but hit something else its collision. I'll take comp every time.
  6. Looks like you have room for a food plot! When she comes back to inspect show off your new plot. You could plan corn but winter rey and clover grows anywhere.
  7. Might want to take some photos of the cleaned up feed area, bird feeders and trash cans just in case it goes to a magistrate.
  8. Reading up on invasive Pythons and Iguanas in Florida. You must kill the reptiles as humanely as possible. Captive bolt to head, bullet to head or chop head off then shoot the head all acceptable. Local laws apply to discharge of firearms may apply. Seems like the kill spot in the head is the size of a quarter so your shot must be precise or the beast will make it the the water and be gone. Guess you could run afoul of the law if you were to wound one. Bounty paid is $50 for the first 4 feet and $25 for every extra foot plus a additional $200 if it's a female guarding eggs. Hourly rate for snake hunters is $8.65 You can sell the meat and skin to bank more $$
  9. Why not euthanize the snake and then drag it back to his boat?
  10. Live PD is on hiatus and will be back. Officer safety would be a major concern given the live nature of the show. Some fool making a name for themselves on live TV.
  11. Several videos about Austin and the dam are on Youtube including actual footage of water spilling out.
  12. Well looks like the Memorial Day pool party blowout at Lake of the Ozarks didn't result in any new cases. That according to the Missouri Health Director. Mardi Gras, Florida Spring Break, Party of the Ozarks all dire predictions that didn't come to pass. Get outdoors and enjoy life.
  13. Read last night that she is graduating and walking. Superintendent said that she is in violation of the dress code due to color but given the times it's not a battle that will be fought.
  14. Punxsy Spirit today. Alex Smith Cruelty to animals charge - Costs, fine, 2 years probation, 200 hours community service at a animal shelter, 2 years speaking engagements for PA Game Commission. For game law violation fine. Fines not listed. Nothing listed for Hetrick.
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