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  1. He was correct. The limits were unconstitutional thus the bill was not needed! I would think the lawyers are lining up to sue for damages. Override the veto anyway!
  2. We went from Dial Up to Earthlink Sat to DSL. We are at the end of the line for DSL at over 3 miles from "office". Very quirky at times. From what I have read Musk's system is as you described. I guess enough low orb. birds and connected by space lasers should help. Projected cost not bad as we can drop landline, DSL and Sat TV. SpaceX launches more Starlink satellites, beta testing well underway – Spaceflight Now.webloc
  3. What are your thoughts on Elon Musk's Starlink system. Into beta testing now with plan to have it available in the northeast late this year.
  4. Hostofchucks


    Have the district draw up a plan. If you can't trust a district with this, why send your kids there? If you must, submit a plan to the know it all in Harrisburg for approval. My plan starts with dividing the outdoor area into sections and separate with barriers. Home entry point, visitor point. Pre-sale tix or season pass only. No food or drinks sold. Move porta potties in when needed. 250 home side, 250 visitor side, 250 on field. and press box. Advanced assigned seating only. Band could stage outside and enter as players and refs leave.
  5. Hate crime hoaxes happen more than one would think. Jussie Smollett for example.
  6. I have several addictions on YouTube, Matt's off road recovery, ElectroBoom, Pittsburgh Dad and a couple of Boogie Woogie piano players Brendon Kavanagh and Terry Miles out of the U.K. Not sure how I came across them but hooked now.
  7. Hell with post-pandemic, I have done all those things and more now. I do wear a mask when requested by a non-government entity and I don't stay home.
  8. Third pic looks like a former Steeler wide receiver, Doubt AB has fallen this low, .............yet.
  9. Not of the mind to defund the police at all but... the nude sunbathing drone unit can go! Unless of course they profile their targets
  10. Never had Goya but I need some, any left?
  11. First Amendment audits involving pics and videos is a thing now days (YouTube). Lawsuits have been won. Looks like Brookville PD either has or would pass such a audit. Good job by all involved. The man gave ID to the police so he knows he is on their radar.
  12. In addition to the safety aspect, hitting a animal falls under the comprehensive coverage. Swerve and miss the beast but hit something else its collision. I'll take comp every time.
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