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  1. Charge them them aggravated and every other game law violations they can. Let a jury decide. The deer was not going anywhere with a spinal wound. Go get more ammo, call for help, come back and finish it off. I do not buy their story for one second and I doubt a jury would either. Many ways to dispatch that deer as humanely as possible and none I can think of involves a video and laughter. SCUM
  2. Could run a couple of ads and see if you can find someone local headed to Europe. Win / Win if you can exchange at current rate.
  3. If this is true the perps are not cooperating with the Game Wardens. Parents ever want back to semi normal lives in the Brookville area they had better push them by whatever means necessary to cooperate and make it known the steps they are taking.
  4. I am hoping that article was written prior to all of this. No way he should be representing the Brookville Raiders. Not sure this will die down anytime soon. Thinking of the others on the team and the real possibility of protests at both home and away matches.
  5. Charge them with as many counts and venues as the law allows. The more it costs to defend the better. Federal grand jury meeting in California with multiple sessions would be nice. Convictions after spending $$ would be great. IF my kids were ever involved in such a matter, car gone, cell phone and computers turned in to police, bare necessities to live provided, Off the Wrestling Team, ect. ect. ect. Don't like it they could move out. Oh by the way my boys knew that growing up. Better lock up all the guns too, never know what they will do next.
  6. Grew up in a hunting family, drilled into me, my brother and everyone that ever visited our camp... one shot, clean kill or finish it off quickly and and cleanly. Teaching what is NOT acceptable is as important as what is. Saw a social media post by one of the mothers that semi excused their actions and likened it to "stomping Possums and killing cats" as a youth. Who does that?
  7. Did some reading and found it's called a "Emergency Corridor" in Europe. What happens is outermost lane pulls toward the left and all other lanes are to move right. Lots of education on this over there and heavy fines to back it up. They are to do this during all backups no matter the reason. Talking years of education to get that going here in the states.
  8. So the law says to pull to the right and stop. The article says to pull to the right and also to the left. Mix in some out of state visitors, those that assume it to be a construction delay or breakdown and those who are totally oblivious. Big problem to tackle.
  9. Is this the case of people, perhaps a mile back not knowing of the accident and having no room to move to the right as rescue approaches from the back? Blatant disregard for rescue or having no room to move right? Am I right to assume that rescue approaches from the front side of a situation when possible (on a interstate)?
  10. We have Dish and like it but they all go through contract disputes now and then. Push comes to shove and programing is lost for awhile. A couple years back Dish was involved in one. With football season coming they will settle.
  11. Cameron's outside of Rossiter and Dobson's in Punxsy open for picking!
  12. Anyplace open for picking yet?
  13. Missed that take on the situation. My point is have a container to keep their tailgate area clean and use it. Miss the bag get a fine, get wasted go to jail and miss the show.
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