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  1. Stahl park I’m sykesville has a really nice display
  2. Dang shame. Joel was a wonderful man and a good friend
  3. I've known Rocky for a long time. He has hauled logs for years. I feel bad for him, and the Amish family.
  4. Anyone know who owns the building now?
  5. We race lernerville weekly. It has been going down hill in many ways, from track upgrades to racers payout. Definitely not in the Don Martin way of doing things anymore.
  6. Yes, we have been racing all over western pa all summer. The stands have been full at all tracks.
  7. They have events for Corvette, ford,Chrysler, trucks, and import automotive
  8. I go to spring and fall carlisle every year. It is all flea market, with a used car corral. There are no show cars there.
  9. https://www.explorejeffersonpa.com/brookville-teen-facing-charges-after-being-caught-urinating-along-street-in-clarion-borough One has gotten into trouble in September
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