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  1. but Jill and the camera's went out and gave them a cookie so all is good.
  2. You won't have to worry about Bido for to long. He will only be there for a few months so Jill can say she was the first lady then it will be off to the nursing home for him. I'm betting she already has it picked out.Then we get the cackling, condescending wicked witch.
  3. I think it was turn out the vote event. Josh Shapiro and Nina Ahmad were going around Pa on Saturday. A bus and 2 black suv"s went up 119 around 3:30 .Looked like they went to the softball field in DuBois. More Trump supporters then Biden supporters so It wouldn't make the news
  4. Maybe it got turned over to PSP so they don't get accused of a cover up! Looking at some of the comments on here they were right it doing so.
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