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  1. Village Idiot

    Key Fob Quit

    The easiest thing to do, by far, is to try a new battery.
  2. Village Idiot

    Five Guys

    I don't understand those words . . . is that possible? I think they're overpriced as well.
  3. Village Idiot

    Florida High school shooting today

    I don't know if this is the case in Florida or not exactly, but it's my gut feeling that at least some of these school shootings are motivated by bullying. The kids are pushed past their limits and just snap. Then the survivors and their families all scream for gun control. Maybe if you hadn't pushed that kid past his breaking point, this wouldn't have happened. Everyone wants a quick fix, but don't want to have to adjust their actions or behaviors, just have someone fix it for them. I don't remember hearing of a shooting where the kid was the quarterback or president of the student council, it always seems to be the outcast.
  4. Village Idiot

    DuBois Streets

    I agree about the Blvd. It has by far been one of the worst roads that I've driven on this winter. I often wonder if I'm going to make the curve from the new Sheetz toward PNC or end up in their parking lot.
  5. Village Idiot


    Good luck! People don't realize how a horrible boss can affect absolutely everything about a job. Try to ride it out and hope that people usually get what's coming to them, even if it takes a while.
  6. Village Idiot


    What do you do with it over the winter? Should it be covered with mulch or straw or just leave it to the elements?
  7. Village Idiot

    Items You Can Compost

    #31 just makes me sad . . . seems like such a waste!