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  1. Science says it is genetically based. Period. Now, you may be confusing certain 'cultures' a person may live in, versus genetics.....etc.....
  2. .and in much of rural America today...……….
  3. American heritage was important in this way, and in those 'Jim Crow' Days...……...we have come a long ways since......
  4. ????? This is not "all threads" .....? ........everything is about attitude, so you and other posters NEED to hear his usual platitudes...…………..but thanks anyway!
  5. ?????? Conman gave an opinion based on experience. Conman is not complaining about anything. Where did Jaman's attack come from???????
  6. attitude is the key, from both sides. Do we want a better future for the generations ahead, or not? Are we thinking selfishly, or not?
  7. agree--------but with a willingness and attitude to succeed, it will get done. If the attitude is not there from the start, it is doomed....
  8. it has everything to do with attitude...…….it will work if we WANT it to work. Period.
  9. If we had done it 50 years ago we would be better off now. End of story. Of course 'yes'...…….unless we don't care about the future citizens of the area.
  10. They used that word in Gone with The Wind since 1939------------we'll survive.
  11. being color blind would not excuse it at all, but only make it a bit less safe.....
  12. In this case it was simply seeing movement, then shooting. (?) The people putting on the drive usually are making tons of noise with yells, whistles, etc, so that it should be highly unlikely they get shot or mistaken for deer, especially with lots of orange on...….
  13. well, no------------when you say "not interested", you hang up(as recommended in the post). Why would you keep the phone on your ear??? I hope that clarifies it.
  14. the topic/issues/items/situation of those laws are not "equal" to begin with, so it does not apply, although they can be challenged....
  15. he recommendation is to respond respectfully with, "Not Interested", then hang up.
  16. The law does not say you are "an adult" when it comes to smoking, or alcohol, or running for certain offices, etc, etc... We put reasonable limits on our laws and rights....and have done so for centuries with good effect...
  17. same with alcohol, which is a much more dangerous drug than all those....
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