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  1. Man with a rifle and flak jacket. In custody now.
  2. If you can ride a motorcycle without a helmet I shouldn't have to wear a seat belt.
  3. Just like the Army did. That's why my boy said screw the army and got out. Who wants to be in combat with someone that couldn't cut it so the rules were changed for them?!?!
  4. I have an external drive that died. Is there any way to recover what's on it?
  5. Mr. Larkin. He did my wedding back in '06. Good guy.
  6. I'm guessing taking that route is much easier. They wouldn't all be Wal-Marts. I'd have a couple TGIFridays built also.
  7. The upkeep on some of these buildings costs too much let alone fixing them up. Do you have the money to do the upkeep on them?
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