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  1. My mom has a lilac bush that has lost all its leaves, and today my cousin posted a picture of his lilac bush it has also lost all its leaves (it has a flower also). these bushes are in two different areas, they are the lavender colored ones. I have white lilac bushes and they're fine. Anyone know what is going on?
  2. Try this Number: 814 345 6557 it is for the lady that hosted the "Get R Done" Scrapbooking at the Clarion Hotel. She might be able to help you. Good Luck!
  3. Thank you both. The patch I found is rather large and of all the wild flowers I have found I've never taken them all. Now to find a place for them and get some
  4. I came across a wild flower the other day, found out it is bloodroot. Does anyone have any experience with this plant? I love bringing home living treasures!
  5. lavender, do you have some butterfly weed?
  6. Thanks Lavender & Petee the information you two have given me is great. I'm thinking about a butterfly /bee garden!
  7. That is it! the stem by the flower are a very distinctive purple and yes they were very tall. Thank you! now to find a way to bring some home and of course a place to put them. lol
  8. So i have seen some butterfly weed that I like please tell me more about this plant.
  9. Thank you Lavender & Petee, those are the answers I was looking for. Right now I think I'll leave it where I found it and save it for a special garden in the future!
  10. that is what I'm trying to decide, if I want it and where, last time I made my husband dig up some wild flowers they liked where I put them and "went wild" lol !
  11. I found this wildflower in a field the other day and was wondering what it was? it is tall 3ft. likes sun
  12. what kind of vine is this and is it invasive?
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