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  1. I wonder how many people on here lost sleep over this last night?
  2. It is an AR with a shorter barrel length classifying it as a pistol. Therefore, it needs to be registered as a pistol.
  3. Honestly, call it whatever floats peoples' boats. It would make more sense to call it City of DuBois since everything in the area is City of DuBois, but, in reality, instead of fighting over something like that, save your energy to vote yes or no at the poll.
  4. How would this make a difference? Who cares if they consolidate and call it Township of Gotham or City of Gotham.
  5. Lol! A uneducated voter is a dangerous voter!
  6. Get ready for all of the people who were hating on people who are for it to start acting the same way trying to petition against it. Watch the hypocrites shine!
  7. I don't know Jeffers personally, so I can't comment on his personal life. As far as him being in politics, he is terrible. That is solely my opinion and does not mean it is the right one. The night of the meeting where they wanted to sell their water and sewage to Aqua, a TL resident who was in the middle of a law suit with Aqua tried explaining to them how terrible Aqua is and Jeffers cut him off and would not let him finish. Anyone who went against what he and several other supervisors wanted to do to undercut the City they would cut them off. That meeting backfired on them BIG TIME!
  8. Hahah, I agree with you! It's the new and cool thing to want.
  9. Thank you for posting this Keyser Soze! I feel like a few of us have been preaching about this exact topic! In fact, I know you and I have and are concerned about this happening! I am glad to know that other people are thinking the same logical way. Mr. Jeffers does not care about providing quality services. In fact, he attempted years and years ago to abolish Sandy TWP police department on several occasions to save money. I wonder how the citizens feel about that Mr. Jeffers? He only cares about one thing, that is to keep his hand in the pot of not working together with the City of DuBois. His voting record reflects that along with the last two supervisors who were voted out of office. It looks as if Jeffers' days are limited too!
  10. Last time I checked there isn't a limit on how many times it can be on the ballot. If it passes and people are upset about it, maybe they can petition to have it overturned. Then, if it doesn't get dissolved, the tables will be turned. Those lobbying against it will be the same lobbying for it to be dissolved if it passes, which is the same thing as those lobbying for it and will be lobbying to keep it.
  11. Math was off. 1.1% of undecided voters for majority.
  12. City of DuBois and Sandy Township Consolidation Study It is long but has all of the answers to most questions that are being asked. The projected budget deficits aren't exactly accurate for the City due to the having a lot of millage left to move before they are maxed. Sandy is near max, which is why they are trying to become a home rule charter so they can continue to raise taxes to offset deficits. As you see, City starts overcoming the deficit and Sandy starts going further into the hole due to them being at near max millage. This is my biggest concern, because when does it stop? I know how the government's answer is always to raise taxes. As a Sandy TWP resident, this is concerning to me.
  13. If consolidation happens, are all of the people who are against it going to move because they will fall into the category of unhappy people? Again, it's not just a few people, It is the majority this time that are trying to be silenced and they aren't sitting down and shutting up. 49% of Sandy said they would vote yes, 33% no, and the rest undecided. I don't gamble, but you need 1.6% to vote yes of the undecided. Seems more likely that 1.6% would vote yes out of 18% of the undecided voters. Judging by the past votes for consolidation, it seems that Sandy TWP residents have never supported it before like they currently do. This time it is much different than the past three. Those who are against it are scared; those who are for it are irritated at Sandy officials.
  14. I agree with a new structure of government for a consolidated municipality. As far as jobs, I guess I should have been more specific. It would be nice to have a diverse mix of career oriented employment opportunities, not just a job. You are correct, no one wants to work. They can make more sitting at home feeding off of the government. When that ends, they will be forced back to work.
  15. I would say more likely than not due to the low number of signatures required for it to be on the ballot. I see why certain people are nervous of it being on the ballot. Especially those who are against it due to the overwhelming possibility that it will pass if on the ballot.
  16. Did you read the consolidation study? I am not really sure what Sandy has to lose? In fact, it seems they have everything to gain and DuBois has everything to lose. DuBois has land to gain. Sandy has literally, and I am speaking literally, nothing to lose. They own or have rights to very little compared to DuBois from municipality ownership. If you remember correctly, they were trying to cash in off of their water and sewage system that they cannot afford to repair and maintain by selling it. Instead, they cash in off of the I&I surcharge. As a Sandy resident, I would love to gain everything DuBois has and be a part of it. but that is just my opinion. Maybe I missed something in the study. Please point out what Sandy has to lose? I am being serious, no sarcasm. You keep mentioning zoning and tax structure. This was mentioned and outline in the study. I believe Keyser Soze even copied the section and posted it for you. It has been answered several times.
  17. I can truthfully say if they vote no this time, I will respect that. Now, more than ever, it seems that the majority is for it. I can't speak on behalf of the previous votes. I am talking about the current times. If I was speaking about the past, I would have clarified that, nice try though. I never had the opportunity to vote for it on any of the previous elections. Obviously some of you had that opportunity. Thanks for holding the area back and driving the population and jobs away!
  18. I agree! They were elected. Being elected doesn't mean you will be reelected, which was the moral of the post. What part of that cannot be understood? If it is a good idea for the majority then it will happen. To say for all is ludacris. Of course every single voter or tax payer is not going to vote yes, however, I feel the MAJORITY will, which is why the voters feel slighted by not letting them have a choice. Far too long many politicians let their personal feelings affect the way they vote, not what is best. If the majority votes no for it, then so be it. My whole beef with all of this is they decided for everyone not to let them have a choice. Certain people are clearly scared to let the voters vote.
  19. Remember what happened the last election involving Sandy TWP supervisors. The ones who were publicly against working with DuBois City were voted out. I think the ones who are playing games this time around have grabbed the attention of the voters. It would be a shame if they lost their dictatorships over tax payers. In this day-in-age, I don't think the majority of tax payers have time for elected officials wasting their time or playing games in local government.
  20. Not the DuBois Mall, there is nothing there.
  21. Fallacies! No ones said they wanted a big city.
  22. If consolidation happens, I vote that we give you an acre of land and rename it Petee Township. You can plant your crops and herd your farm animals in your own municipality. We will just build our sky scrapers on the border of your municipality.
  23. Agreed! Sandy TWP has low quality amenities, which is why they always use the City's amenities. Examples: pool, athletic fields, walkway, etc... If the tables were turned, I am sure Sandy TWP officials would try to find a way to make it so city residents can't use the amenities. They like segregation a little too much, UNLESS, it greatly benefits them. The worst part is, I live in the TWP, and I am so disgusted and ashamed of the people who represent me because their ideologies don't represent the majority.
  24. Probably something these a$$hats that run Treasure Lake don't need. They sure like to spend money!
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