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  1. Grilled SW turkey burgers w/all the fixings, turnip fries and a tomato, red onion and asparagus salad.
  2. Soooo, once again looking for advice. We've had a garden at our home since we bought it 30 years ago. Some years things go well, some years not so well. One thing that always, always did well was peppers. I usually plant 6 different varieties. Last year was terrible and this year is a repeat. Anyone else having pepper problems? TIA
  3. Today I made goulash with ground turkey, garlic, onions, peppers and home canned sauce along with brown rice pasta and a side salad. Very yummy!
  4. Lol, I always make BLTC's. Tonight was cauliflower crust white pizza and a salad.
  5. Grilled chicken, brown rice pasta salad and beans.
  6. Congratulations to all three of them, beautiful family!
  7. Grilled SW turkey burgers w/goop sauce. Turnip oven fries and a salad.
  8. Our cheat day was at Ruby Tuesday for yummy burgers and fries
  9. Big Congratulations to our women's World Cup team on winning it all! (And two PSU grads on the team!) https://www.npr.org/2019/07/07/739305526/four-peat-u-s-womens-soccer-team-wins-world-cup-title
  10. Smith's hot dogs simmered in New Orleans style beans over riced cauliflower and a side salad.
  11. I know, LOL! I didn't know how else to put it. It's a cauliflower salad in disguise as a macaroni salad....but it's really good! Tonight was marinated and grilled skirt steak, broccoli tots and corn on the cob.
  12. Hubby grilled chicken and I made a very yummy cauliflower macaroni salad (no macaroni) along with baked beans.
  13. We're going to have a bumper crop this year and they're huge! My favorite fruit
  14. steelnut

    Band cards

    Thanks Bus, you personally delivered me one a few years ago, much appreciated. The band cards are such an unbelievably great deal, I wish more people knew about them.
  15. Wishing all a safe and happy 4th of July!
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