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  1. What is an acceptable speed ?
  2. Congratulations!! Looking forward to next contest Steve!!
  3. #1 Old Yamaha ad on door of old Chick Cycle shop Oklahoma Salem road. #2 Benches on the porch of Adamson Funeral Chapel Chestnut Ave. #3Sign for Christ The King at Corner of Long Ave. & Central Christian Drive. #4 Dormer on old WCED Radio station building. Now Foradora Insurance 80 North Park Place. #5 Ball toss game at playground behind Oklahoma School. Near the woods. #6 Cross on top of Christ Luthern Church 875 Sunflower Drive. #7 Kabota front end loader/ backhoe. W&W Equipment Blinker Parkway RT 119 #8 Old billboard on side of old Robertson barn across from old Highway Drive In Theatre ( now Clepper Buslines) Beringer Highway RT 322
  4. 1 John DuBois Monument Monument Hill above High School 2 Railroad pass over Maple Ave by Beaver Meadow 3 Old A & J Salem 4 Thunderbird restaurant Rt 322 5 Cross at Nativity Byzantine Church Howard Ave 6 Church of God W Washington Ave 7 Truck door at Fullington Trailways DuBois Rocton Rd 8 Old Gluczyks store W Long Ave
  5. How about past Quashnocks now where you turn to go towards Thunderbird off Main St ext.On left as you make the turn.
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