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  1. Does anyone know why they are clearing the land between Sheetz and Miller Bros. off route 830?
  2. What ever happened with Enos Hershberger. We found him guilty of 169 charges . This was back in May but nothing has ever been posted. Is it because he is Amish?
  3. Served 3 days & 126 miles. Received $ 31.94. Doesn't seem right.
  4. Can anyone tell me how much Jefferson County pays per day and per mile when someone servers on a jury?
  5. Our neighbor has one out too!! Needs to come down !!
  6. http://Served on this jury! Listening to her testimony was heart breaking !! How could anyone treat their daughter as he did?? Whatever he gets is not enough !!
  7. Chicken BBQ Sunday Sept. 27 11 till sold out American Legion Liberty Blvd. DuBois $10 1/2 Chicken Baked Beans Cole Slaw & Roll Take Out only Public Welcome
  8. How about past Quashnocks now where you turn to go towards Thunderbird off Main St ext.On left as you make the turn.
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