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  1. She left the money with the cashier before she left. I did not even notice. I was putting my order on the line. She was so kind. I am amazed.
  2. Today 10/6 I was in line at WMT at the checkout register. There was a nice woman ahead of me and as she was getting checked out she put the blue bar at the end of her order so I could start putting my order on the line. I told her she was MY HERO. She finished up and left and the cashier was ringing up my order. I got my debit card out and the cashier told me that the woman that just left had paid for my entire order. I was floored and did not know what to say. I got my act together and went looking for her but she was gone. I am an old man and in 68 years nothing like this ever happened to me. I want to thank her for her kindness and I fully intend to pay it forward. Nice people do exist no matter what you see on the news.If she reads this I wanted to sincerely thank her for her kindness.
  3. So channel 6 news reported that the 5 per 1000 square feet rule would allow an average of 900 customers in the store. WHY BOTHER THEN.
  4. Unless things changed they posted it on the front door and I bought things at 10:30 this morning at PETCO.
  5. Hi there. Take it to an auto parts store like on the blvd and they will check your charging system for free. Battery warranties are most likely pro-rated on a suggested list price so after X amount of time you are paying too much. Good luck.
  6. BRANDY SMOKED TURKEY: I tried this for THANKSGIVING and it was great. I had a 20 pound turkey and thawed it. I injected with the following marinade.3 cups Christian Brothers BRANDY $10 + 1/4 cup orange juice+1/4 cup vegetable oil 3 Tablespoons bacon drippings. Inject the day before smoking. RUB RECIPE: 2 TBL. ONION powder+2 Tbl. of orange juice, brandy, bacon drippings, salt, pepper,and brown sugar. Add more or less ingredients to suit yourself. Put rub on turkey and put in smoker. I have a MASTERBILT 30 inch electric smoker. I put a disposable foil pan half filled with a 50-50 mixture of apple juice and water on bottom rack below turkey. I used apple wood and smoked at 225 degrees until internal temperature reached 165 degrees.
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