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  1. Toys R Us May Soon File For Bankruptcy

    Boy, those names ring a bell! Kohlberg Kravis Roberts was behind the Brockway Glass closure. Bain Capital Partners is Mitt Romney's baby, and Vornado Realty Trust acquired the World Trade Center lease in February of 2001, then backed away from it so that Silverstein could take control in April of 2001.
  2. Advanced Disposal Landfill Collapse

    No, I wasn't the person who brought up prions. There were 2 other people talking about it before I made a comment.
  3. Advanced Disposal Landfill Collapse

    Well, you brought up what sets off the Geiger counter. I also remember people discussing folded prions in the old landfill thread.
  4. Advanced Disposal Landfill Collapse

    And we allow biosolids to be used as fertilizer.
  5. Advanced Disposal Landfill Collapse

    I wasn't speaking of putting fly ash in a landfill. I was speaking of using it in construction products.
  6. Advanced Disposal Landfill Collapse

    Radioactive contaminants found in coal ash https://phys.org/news/2015-09-radioactive-contaminants-coal-ash.html
  7. Advanced Disposal Landfill Collapse

    It seems many things that are expensive to dispose of as waste suddenly find new homes. But how much testing is done before hand to determine the long term implications? I challenge that the new homes usually comes from well funded lobbying.
  8. Advanced Disposal Landfill Collapse

    Has it only become useful because the producers of fly ash now don't have to worry about what to do with it?
  9. Sandy Township Water/Sewage Bill

    For the ballfields?
  10. Sandy Township Water/Sewage Bill

    So we aren't using the wells at all? Should we be worried that they're only allowed 3 million gallons a day, according to that article, but they keep signing on new towns as customers?
  11. Sandy Township Water/Sewage Bill

    So where did manganese come from? I thought it was from the wells.
  12. Sandy Township Water/Sewage Bill

    Can someone explain why the reservoir is now the backup source of our water? Browse: Home / Resources / Success Stories / City of Dubois The City of DuBois, located in Clearfield County, operates a water system serving a population of about 19,000 customers. Though the City’s primary water source is a reservoir permitted for withdrawal of 3.0 million gallons per day, new groundwater wells are under production to supplement the water supply in times of drought. These wells are situated in part of the Marcellus Shale gas development area, and concerns with natural gas drilling have the City proactively protecting these future water sources. While the City owns the 1,300 acres surrounding the wellfield, other drilling operations outside this area may have potential impacts on the groundwater flowing to the wells. The City has begun preliminary water quality testing to measure the baseline results of the “raw” water in their watershed. “It’s important to know your watershed, and document what you have now,” says Scott Farrell, the Engineering Technician for the water system. Though the groundwater wells will not be available for production for at least a year, the monitoring results will help define the scope of treatment for the water obtained from the wells. Currently, the reservoir is the primary source of water, but will become the backup source once the groundwater wells are online. The reservoir lies less than a mile from Interstate 80, which has been the site of pollution incidents from truck accidents. The groundwater wells are less suseptable to a contamination incident from Interstate 80. As part of its proactive efforts, DuBois is participating in the DEP’s Source Water Protection Technical Assistance Program (SWPTAP), and will develop a reservoir management plan that addresses contamination concerns. Source: SSM GROUP INC. | Engineering and Environmental Services | www.ssmgroup.com http://www.sourcewaterpa.org/?page_id=951
  13. Sandy Township Water/Sewage Bill

    When I got my lot, there were no sewer and water bills on empty lots, the assessments were low, and the roads and buildings were well maintained...
  14. Sandy Township Water/Sewage Bill

    Let me get out my bill. The water charge is $18.24, the sewer charge is $27.18 and the Sewer improvement charge is $1.36. That is $46.78 for a lot with no improvements. Now I believe that is for 6 months, but take that times how many lots. It is lot owners subsidizing home owners, just like the assessments.
  15. Sandy Township Water/Sewage Bill

    Now that I did not know. Exactly how would the city have "bilked" the residents of Treasure Lake? If that's true, it sounds more like the PUC went with the corporation with connections.