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  1. soccermom

    Full Moon

    Lighten up? You just liked a post by someone in the debate forum that accused the President of being a sexual predator. Just saying...
  2. It's terrible a person was hurt, but this area is rural. There are going to be coyotes. Keep your pets in at night and your garbage covered. I would rather deal with predators of the coyote variety than live in a city and deal with the human variety.
  3. soccermom

    Easter Blessing

    Thank you Jaman. May God Bless you. We lift up our hearts to the Lord.
  4. soccermom

    City/Township Boundaries

    Once you get to the map, the second icon in from the left on the top is for the address: http://www.clearfieldco.org/online-map-viewer/
  5. If this happens, President Trump should get the Nobel Peace Prize: China says North Korea's Kim pledged commitment to denuclearization BEIJING/SEOUL (Reuters) - North Korean leader Kim Jong Un pledged his commitment to denuclearization and to meet U.S. officials, China said on Wednesday after his meeting with President Xi Jinping, who promised China would uphold friendship with its isolated neighbor. After two days of speculation, China and North Korea both confirmed that Kim had traveled to Beijing and met Xi during what China called an unofficial visit from Sunday to Wednesday. The visit was Kim’s first known trip outside North Korea since he assumed power in 2011 and is believed by analysts to serve as preparation for upcoming summits with South Korea and the United States. North Korea’s KCNA news agency made no mention of Kim’s pledge to denuclearize, or his anticipated meeting with U.S. President Donald Trump that is planned for some time in May. China has traditionally been secretive North Korea’s closest ally but ties have been frayed by its pursuit of nuclear weapons and China’s backing of tough U.N. sanctions in response. China’s Foreign Ministry cited Kim in a lengthy statement as telling Xi the situation on the Korean peninsula was starting to improve because North Korea had taken the initiative to ease tension and put forward proposals for talks. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-northkorea-missiles-china/china-says-north-koreas-kim-pledged-commitment-to-denuclearization-idUSKBN1H305W
  6. soccermom

    state police in sykesville

    You mean Ideal?
  7. Wow, that is just horrible.
  8. Are you saying the police were called mulitple times and did nothing, but now that the horse has died a terrible death there are criminal charges?
  9. PTSD and pain. I am not condoning any of this, but think of things in another way. We all listened to Madonna shout on a microphone that she wanted to blow up the White House. Was she arrested? How many other famous people have openly talking about harm coming to the President, yet nothing happens. I don't know this man's current situation, but it sounds like he needs help, not an arrest.
  10. This man is a Vietnam Veteran and a Green Beret.
  11. How did they stand against it? In today's world, you have to be loud and very public about it. And not just locally, because the decisions are not made locally.
  12. He sounds like he was suicidal prior to the mother "removing him from the scene". He was pulled over doing 96 mph. Immediately after he crashes his car. Why was the mother allowed to remove him from the accident scene after "he was agitated and mad at the officers handling the accident", after getting a ticket going 96 and then wrecking his car? Why wasn't an ambulance called for him? He then tells his mother he wants to shoot himself, so she tells him she's driving him to the hospital for a mental health evaluation. He then attacks his mother. He is taken to the hospital by police car and is again highly agitated, so the police haul him to jail? Why wasn't he involuntarily committed for psychiatric evaluation?
  13. Machete-wielding man tried to kidnap children at Walmart POSTED: MAR 26 2018 07:13AM EDT UPDATED: MAR 26 2018 08:15AM EDT Police in Louisiana say a possible illegal immigrant with a machete tried to snatch two children from their mothers inside a Walmart. Kenner police say it happened on Friday afternoon. They say at about 2 p.m., Billy Yoe Budier-Herrera entered the Wal-Mart store with a backpack and approached a mother and her 2-year-old child, who was seated inside a grocery cart. Police say he told the mother if she did not listen to his instructions, she would die. The victim mother attempted to walk away from Budier-Herrera when he blocked the victim, placing his hand on the handle of a machete, causing the mother to fear for she and her child’s safety. Police say he then threatened to kill the boy if she did not listen. The mother asked for help from store employees, as Budier-Herrera grabbed the 2-year-old, and attempted to remove the child from the grocery cart and take off. The mother grabbed her child and a struggle ensued. The mother ran behind the counter with her child in the deli section of the store, as store employees arrived to intervene. Police says Budier-Herrera then fled from store employees into the meat and poultry section of the store and pulled the machete from his waistband, and swung it at employees before running away. While running from store employees, police say that Budier-Herrera attempted to remove another infant from a grocery cart but was prevented from doing so because of the seat strap. He was then tackled by store employees and a Kenner police officer who was working an off-duty detail inside the store. Police say they found a 10-inch machete, pepper spray and a makeshift shiv on him at the time of his arrest. Budier-Herrara is charged with two counts of kidnapping of a child and other offenses. Budier-Herrera was also charged with an immigration detainer. http://www.fox5ny.com/news/man-tried-to-kidnap-children-at-walmart
  14. Way more than just DuBois, but I would be shocked if anyone will go to Harrisburg.