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  1. Come support Penn State DuBois Benefitting THON today and tomorrow at Bucks Pizza in DuBois! Make sure to show this flyer when ordering and Bucks will donate 20% of your pre-tax check!
  2. Will jeep have to rename or stop making the Grand Cherokee???
  3. The Festival in the park is going strong this week in Punxsutawney. Anyone planning to attend? Get your fair food and live music while you can..
  4. Got the idea from a neighbor. Nice used pallet project.
  5. Well Genius, it will obviously be handled the same way as when you break a traffic law, either you get a fine or you don't.
  6. Oh I never once said it was legal, I have over 1000 acres to ride on, do I still travel some public roads? Yep! My point is, people telling me I'm breaking the law, which I am, but people like you and everyone else who breaks the law daily but that's seems to ok.. The law is the law, me riding on roads is no different than you traveling 40mph in 35mph zone. You broke the law. So don't tell others what's right or wrong without judging yourself. There's no leeway, either you did or you didn't.
  7. Keyser Soze I'm sorry to hear that happened, unfortunately there are d-bags out there, I hope you don't label all for the actions of a few.
  8. The following is Illegal also- speeding, not using turn signals when turning, drunk driving, u-turns, not turning your headlights on while the windshield wipers are on in any amount of precipitation, jaywalking, not using hand signals while riding a bicycle on the road, stopping for pedestrians in a crosswalk, failure to come to a complete stop at a stop sign, I could go on, Let me know that you follow ALL traffic/highway laws without breaking a single one. otherwise don't be a hypocrite..
  9. Oh we have cars, we just enjoy the outdoors. It was awesome growing up with 3-wheelers back in the day, groups of 15-25 every Sunday riding all day. Kept us out of trouble. Raised my children the same way and thankfully the outdoors kept them occupied that none of them are alcoholics or addicted to drugs.. Most are more respectful on a road than a lot people driving cars,,, and by the way I think I do own the roads I guess, since i am a tax payer after all.....
  10. Wow all that's needed is marshmallow cream spread on it!!!
  11. Wearing gloves is great until that person starts treating their now gloved hands just like ungloved hands and touch their face, blow their nose and touch items from multiple people who may not have been as sanitary as you. Now this person is touching everything with their "protective " gloves and just passing the 25-50 people's germs/bacteria/virus on to you. They should be sanitizing their gloves between every customer or person that they or you come in contact with. Just because you wear gloves this doesn't make your hands magical that bacteria/virus can't be passed on to others. You need to be just as or even more cautious that YOU don't spread Bacteria/virus on to others.
  12. March madness 2nd edition or April madness-- Last county without a death. If we can joke about getting it, we can joke about surviving it.
  13. Still time to donate!!!! https://donate.thon.org/index.cfm?fuseaction=donordrive.participant&participantID=26387 https://thon.org/livestream/ My daughter is a dancer there this year, so proud of her, 46 Hours straight, No sitting permitted. I was there all night until 6am this morning, awesome experience!
  14. Fyi Marten do not live in Pennsylvania, possibly a Fisher or weasel.
  15. Need advice on posting pictures from a cell phone, this is what comes up when I try to post.

    Not Found

    The requested URL /{___base_url___}/index.php was not found on this server.

    Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

    Apache Server at www.godubois.com Port 80
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      Also the image I want to post is loaded and looks like it's ready to go and then when I hit reply that pops up

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