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  1. On 4/5/2022 at 9:56 PM, alexandria said:

    my son moved to Austin last year. We just got back from a 2 week visit. 
    we went to San Antonio also.  Enjoyed it all. 

    Where in Texas did you land?

    I'm in Orange Texas. It's SETX. San Antonio is a great time. Did the river walk and boat ride when they had all the Christmas lights going. It was beautiful. 

  2. How is this thread still going. Obviously people don't care about their community enough to make a change. If u guest know all the answers then go to the police. Coming on here clearly isn't doing crap. Maybe all u guest can start ur on possie and round these people up with all ur non info and convict them yourselves.  U all seem to know more about what's going on than the investigators.... 

  3. Ok I get it you have to flush them but at 4 am. It's one thing to do it and be respectful but to be louder than loud itself is uncalled for.  Throwing your tools around the back of the truck and then to leave and come back with some loud sucking machine and fire it up at 5am is even more ridiculous. Have some respect for the community if it was anyone else the cops would have been called and they would have been quick to write a citation for disturbing the peace.  Next time think would you like someone in your yard at that time waking you up. Maybe drain them at 8 pm or even 7 am. Not 4 in the morning. Glad I remembered to put the windows up on the car. 

  4. 10 minutes ago, Polo said:

    I commend you for relocating and starting over in a new venue.  I have a relative who did the same.  There were various factors involved as to why they moved, but being here in this area was no longer a good thing.  They moved South and found some great opportunities along the way and did very well!  The weather is better and there is more sunshine!  There are new people to meet, and job opportunities abound right now!  Strike while the fire is hot!  Best wishes!

    Thank you for ur kind words. I'm glad someone understands and with great opportunities there is great success that follows. So I'm ready and beyond excited for my new endeavor. 

  5. 7 hours ago, Illiterate said:

    People aren't that much much better or worse no matter where you go.  If you walk around viewing everybody else, as stuck up or a drug addict, except your self, chances are pretty good that viewpoint will carryover with you no matter where you happen to go.  Sure, you must go to places to increase your employment oppotunities and follow your goals and dreams, but ultimately it is the people you will meet who will make every thing worthwhile.  Remember, for every person you think is a jerk, there is a person that thinks the same of you.


    To paraphrase and slightly alter Erma Bombeck...The grass may look greener on the other side of the fence, but it is probably because the septic tank is leaking.

    I agree. Guess I've been here to long and seen to much of it here. I want to progress and maybe one day come back and make a positive change. I can not do it atm because my plan to better myself can't start till I'm away from the negative that I endeavored into my life here. Change from what i once knew as a happiness has echoed into a dark silence. The only brightness I have in my life is away from this area and into a better future. Plus I can't stand the cold anymore. 

  6. 17 hours ago, Gator11 said:

    Hello and sorry to hear you are leaving. You are right on both counts though although not everyone is stuck up just a select few. Most people in the area are great people and you will find the same situations no matter where you go I am afraid. Yes we do have a drug problem in the area but so do most places anymore

    That does remind me of a story. I worked with a guy who had worked in HR where I was employed and saw him at KMart back in the day and said hello and was goiing to ask him how he had been, well he always thought he was above anyone else but then again there are a lot from Brockway who think that way. Anyway I said hello and he more or less ignored me.

    I proceeded to turn around and follow him carrying on a conversation with him well a conversation with myself really. People who might have seen me would have thought I had split personalities and was hearing voices. haha I started with hello and then I answered for him. Hi how are you doing. Not bad and yourself well couldn't be better and so forth. My wife called me an ass. I then was in the next aisle hollering over to him and still doing it. I enjoyed myself and I am sure he was pissed but I did not care he could have at least said hello.

    Moral of the story, well ahem I can be an ass.

    I think it will be a better path to take then up here. If my brother can go from nothing to an engineer I think if I stick to my plan I'll go farther than ever before. Plus this cold is getting to be to much for me and I can't take shoveling snow anymore haha. Time to do it for me. 

  7. 12 hours ago, fedup said:

    He serves no useful purpose on this planet.

    Everytime he opens his bigoted mouth, he sets race relations back for years.

    He is so hateful that he turns non blacks into bigots.

    Americans are sick and tired of him and people like him.

    He needs to go home, pay his taxes, and shut the hell up.

    Oh i agree 110% 

  8. 10 hours ago, Bon said:

    I’m probably going to get blasted for this, but 🤷‍♀️
    On godubois it took you long enough “to learn to look past others remarks and go on about their 

     Only thing I've learned is I'll never be right or alright. 

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