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We Are Adopting!

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Well, that 4'x4' play area that we bought the night we met you, is around the dining room table. Hubby bought 4" plastic pipe and cut it to size so they cant chew on the legs, and took 1/2" pipe and cut it to sturdy up the top of 2' x2' panels. They can't move them now. I bought some plastic tablecloths with the flannel on the back, put that down under the play area so they don't pee or poo on the rug. We then put in the pee pads on one side, small crate on the other with the bed raised so it doesn't get wet.

We did all that tonight.

I was setting up the play area in the kitchen every morning .. that was getting to be a hassle. Wiener Dog would push in on it & Sienna would push out. Water & food were getting spilled, pee pads were getting soaked with water not pee, it just was not working out!!

So we both worked on the idea for the dining room. No one ever eats there anyhow.


Lol, would be nice if we had a vet in the family!! Next week I'm taking all 4 dogs in (Midge is going for a shot. We want to keep the sisters on the same schedule). My SIL is going with me to help..lol!!


No more dogs!!! 3 is enough!! Poor LC is out numbered!!

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