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    Why don't they use them to catch looters and rioters.
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    I think he might only remember it when it has to do with something he wants to see happen...just like his man crush
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    Don't disagree in the least. Emergency declarations should be used for just that...emergencies. And most should be able to be dealt with in that particular time frame without the need for perpetual renewal. Still, what concerns me is opening a window of opportunity for someone to play political games during a situation that could have dire consequences for reasons that they don't fully comprehend.
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    Nobody said anything about having to. My hubby boss said he can come back to work whenever without quarantine. I don't work so I can stay home. So worth it though.
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    Uh... the percentage of people testing positive is coming down... June 5th right after we all went green there was 7,259 tests with 443 positive... 6% positive rate July 15th there was 20,372 tests and 994 were positive... 5% positive rate Like to also add first hand knowledge of unused swabs being sent in and coming back positive, so I don't even know if I believe these numbers. How many reports have we had of false positives as well? But none the less the numbers are decreasing (percentage wise). but our Democrat leader can keep everyone scared by saying there are more people testing positive and not telling people we are also testing more people. FEAR MONGERING!
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    And that is why we do not need any punitive actions by a stupid Democrat. ( The Governor not all Democrats) https://www.spotlightpa.org/news/2020/03/pa-coronavirus-updates-cases-map-live-tracker/
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    I don't believe any of the numbers that are being posted
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    The restructuring of how PA Justices are elected needs fixed. There should be state circuits, with a justice from each, elected locally. The governor should be able to rule by fiat. The General Assembly is the law creating branch. Only dire extreme emergencies should the governor's emergency powers be allowed. Wolf has totally abused such for past 2-3 years with constant state of emergency declarations. Yes, now 21 days may be a bit short. 30 days would likely be more practical. The present 90 days is absolutely unreasonable, so is the ability to constantly renew the declaration without a check & balance from the legislative branch.
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    Definitely a wierd comment but whatever. Nobody can ruin my paradise vacation with dumb words. 8 more days here πŸπŸ–
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    I had to google gyaliss. You win this one.
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    Thanks for dumbing that down a little. It said that, (are guaranteed by the state, i.e., taxpayers) but you made it abundantly more clear who was really paying for teacher pensions. Sometimes I give people too much credit--we've seen that some people don't excel in reading comprehension.
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    50% by the State + 50% by the district = paid 100% by the tax payers.....
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    Oh, I don't know. I don't think white me with missing teeth are any more appealing than black men with missing teeth. Maybe I'm just some kind of tooth fetishist. Discerning is the word of the week. Maybe it will become as popular as erudite. Probably not though as the latter has a cute cat that comes with it.
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    The fact that you used the word discerning makes you even more racist
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    It's great having a civil conversation about wearing or not wearing masks. I think the mask wearing should be a personal decision. If you think you should have one on, you should wear one and if you don't think you should have one on, that is fine with me. If you went into Walmart before the mask mandate, you would see maybe 50% who are not wearing a masks. The people that were not wearing masks were from all ages from children ages to 70+. I went in yesterday and saw around 20-25 customers who were not wearing one with the mandate on. I think some of them are just taking them off after they get by front door. ... That Doesn't bother me one bit. I do my shopping quickly and get out of there as fast as possible. When I wear a mask, I have it on to protect myself, not to protect other shoppers. Everyone needs to worry about themselves. Me first should be your top priority with Covid-19. I also think social distancing and washing hands is just as important as wearing a mask. ============================ What requirements could be next at Walmart and other grocery/retail stores??? Temperature taking before you enter the store??? Forcing to use hand sanitizer to customers before entering store?? Scolding customers who are not social distancing??? Asking every shopper questions, before entering store? (Have you had a headache, fever, cough or sore throat in the last 24 hours?) No customers at all? Everything is now pick-up or delivered.
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    Can't you just wish her sunshine and tropical drinks? Or something more attractive? Does that make me racist or just discerning?
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    Crazy people are violent with or without a mask. The mask just gives them something to be violent about. Live and let live keeps the death total down. If you have to die for a concept please make it an important one.
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    It seems as if a few Dems had to agree that this was needed as well... Going to also bring up that the governor of GA is suing Atlanta because they are enforcing the mask "recommendation". Why not just do like Wolf is doing and take funding away from them, you know just like he is doing to Lebanon county because they were doing as their "citizens" wanted them to do. This whole crap storm once again proves just how screwed up our government is. I have said for a long time that our budgets should be handle by a accounting office and not senators or house representatives. Who knows budgeting best a accountant or someone that may of only ever balanced their personal check book. Same goes for the policies and actions to this coronavirus", why do we not have 1 go to that tells us how and what we should be doing? But here again we found out over the past few years that the even our FBI had politics infect them. How many times over the past 4 months has the quote experts changed the rules of the game?
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    Not at all. I ignore anyone without a mask and get as far away from them as possible. I try to smile at everyone. I'm not a messenger from God but I am supposed to act like a child of the King.
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    I personally know 2 people who have died from Covid. My family & I will continue to wear our masks while in stores, Dr offices, hospitals, or anywhere else they are required. It’s worth saving my loved ones lives!! πŸ™πŸ»β€οΈπŸ™πŸ»
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    There goes all of my 10 wedding receptions I have scheduled in the next few months. Wolf is a !!!!!
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    According to the US Forum rules, it looks like your name @conservativeman633 is RACIST and you will need to change it immediately. The word "man" is racist according to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the number "#633" is the number of slaves that were owned by democrat president Thomas Jefferson. If you need some ideas on a new username, please let me know, I have more than a few names that would match match your opinions, personality & mental state.
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    I have needed to say this, so I'm just gonna. If I were alive back when there were black slaves, I would have stood against it and not participated. I would have treated all races the same. We are all valuable. But I didn't live back then. And I have done nothing to anyone, so I can't apologize. I have nothing to apologize for. All I can do is continue treating everyone in the same caring way. I don't understand all these white people apologizing for something they have not done, sins they have not committed. I don't understand the former Lady Antebellum, or these folks wanting to rename forts, or knock down statues. It is the past, it reminds us of what was, what we will not return to. Let's move on!
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    correct, and on top of that it includes beneficiaries so I can pass it down to children and grandchildren...............my pension is available to anyone who wishes to have one....
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    I didn’t have to Google discerning
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