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  1. The OP posted in I grew up in Reynoldsville Pa if you want to read it.
  2. Just ran across this warning though it was hours ago. It has been reported to the police.
  3. In the nursing home I worked at, the Activity Director assisted the residents with their ballots.
  4. I went to fill out my ballot today. One place said to use a black pen, and another place said to use a marker. Which is it? Does it matter?
  5. There are so many people that want children and could provide stable, safe homes, but cannot.
  6. Why in the world do they keep letting these infants go home with their parents when they know the history? How many more are going to have to die before they change things?
  7. Charges are pending. When charges are filed, the names should be released.
  8. The article said she was trespassing. When told to leave, she refused. She didn't get in trouble for not having a mask.
  9. Mabell1025


    Our family has had connections to this individual, unfortunately, none of them being pleasant.
  10. This may be the guy that caused commotion at DuBois Manor Motel in the past. Seems to me it is the same name.
  11. Alot people say state is better than county. They don't think of it as punishment.
  12. Tom and Carol F had a bar there in the basement level... that must have been in 1980? It had alot of mirrors.
  13. I am not interested enough to want to see the place. If it was along the road I'd look, if not , no biggy. I would not go driving up a private lane to see it or peek in the windows. Just wondered about where it was. My roots are not in DuBois.
  14. I see Alida Ave and Don St. Must be up beyond there??? On the gas station end?
  15. I travel n Lincoln Drive everyday and everyday I wonder where this home is??????
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