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  1. Eggs

  2. Eggs

    It seemed to me by the conversation some people on here have organic eggs for sale. I did a search and couldn't find the info. Could someone who can help me reply? Thanks.
  3. I can't wrap my head around this.
  4. Used Bubble Wrap

    If you join Freecycle it seems every week people are giving it away.
  5. Buying a suit

    Harper's in State College is by far the best.
  6. I am still trying to figure out why a pot of meatballs were in the garage?
  7. Pastor Helped Rob Sunday School Teacher

    Yes. Really.
  8. Pastor Helped Rob Sunday School Teacher

    I was trying to figure out who "Rob" was that a pastor helped since the word Rob was capitalized making it a proper noun. Once I read the story I understood.
  9. Pay what you want restaurant

    I happened to think that months ago someone mentioned a new restaurant downtown. It was a pay what you want concept. What happened? Where is it?
  10. State Police Chin Straps

    Good question. I have wondered that too but never thought to ask on here. I did ask a state trooper once when I got pulled over for speeding, he just chuckled. I was really being serious.
  11. I am so sick of this stuff. What about the normal people's feelings?
  12. Bad accident Weedville

    Got it. Thanks. I now understand.
  13. Bad accident Weedville

    I am still confused but the important thing is prayers for all.
  14. Bad accident Weedville

    What is a side by side crash?
  15. Wondering, new posts?

    I haven't posted anything because it is topsy turvy. Supper thread starts with oldest etc