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  1. pineappleology

    Dairy Queen

    Over the Top did a birthday cake for me and believe me it beat out all the others.
  2. Part of the training the patents should've received as well as the child would be appropriateness. Physical therapy or occupational therapy never would've trained that child to eat with his feet while sitting on a table. Restaurants require shirts and shoes. I am getting tired of everyone crying discrimination. The manager did the right thing. I feel badly corporate level did not back him up.
  3. pineappleology

    Lions, Chipmunks and Bears OH MY!

    I saw Fox on 3rd St. last night.
  4. pineappleology

    Hockman Candy

    Did I miss information about Hockman Candy? Went by today and it looks like closed. Could not read either sign on the doors.
  5. pineappleology

    You sittig down Mr D?

    I would've thrown some food out for the bear to get it off my porch. Not because I was afraid but because it could damage my trailer. That area is a trailer court. That really is a shame that the bear died. I listened to an NPR program that documented black bear are not dangerous unless threatened.
  6. pineappleology

    Contractors and grab bars

  7. pineappleology

    Contractors and grab bars

    I need to get some grab bars installed for a friend. Can someone recommend someone who would be willing to do such a small job? Thank You.
  8. pineappleology

    100 Day Cough

    You are right. Plenty of commercials informing the public of this. I got mine a few years ago.
  9. pineappleology

    Length of walkway

    I am so confused. Where is Showers Field?
  10. pineappleology

    Length of walkway

    Thanks so much for all the input.
  11. pineappleology

    Length of walkway

    So both ways is about 5K. That's interesting.
  12. pineappleology

    Length of walkway

    Does anyone know the distance one way of the walkway starting at Martins and ending behind First Commonwealth?
  13. pineappleology


  14. pineappleology


    It seemed to me by the conversation some people on here have organic eggs for sale. I did a search and couldn't find the info. Could someone who can help me reply? Thanks.
  15. I can't wrap my head around this.