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  1. With the announcement of the bankruptcy Perkins picked the wrong time to take down their signs and do remodeling. Lol Really glad they are not closing and so many people on here were so supportive of them.
  2. So, I've been wondering what would happen to our local Perkins since the parent company filed for bankruptcy. I guess we will know Tuesday morning. The signs are off the building at this moment.
  3. By the way one vet in the area misdiagnosed my pooch as NOT having a UTI. Two days later she ended up at PVSEC where she was diagnosed with a severe UTI.
  4. Ha! No! I use State College and PVSEC. When I first moved here and before I had a chance to get a vet my little pooch needed seen as an emergency. After I begged. And I mean begged, one of the local vets agreed to see me immediately after his office hours but I would be charged an emergency fee. That's when I found Metzger's. That greed did me a favor.
  5. Just remember G*d overrules doctors all the time.
  6. I guarantee that if everyone on this site prays for her that last hole in her heart will close. She is a happy well loved girl.
  7. Then there was that guy who swigged mouthwash at Walmart. Here is a question why do these things happen at Walmart?
  8. I'm quite certain we know festivals, " don't just happen". His response had nothing to do with original question, but implied more than what the original question was.
  9. It's amazing how a simple, innocent question can receive such a snarky response.
  10. So dad. I went to Lucinda for the 4th of July. There were so many volunteers and activities. How have they kept their 4th of July going all these years?
  11. Just checking. I thought at one point I heard it was going to be every other year then I heard it is defunct. So, is there a festival this year?
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