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  1. Speaking of Wendy's their apple pecan chicken finally got me to like salads. I have been eating one every day. It's very filling covers both meals.
  2. Is there a particular yoga class suited for the beginner in DuBois? I know I can look online but I'm looking for personal knowledge of one for beginners.
  3. I guess they think people store their toilet paper in another area of the house. I'm going to try this. I'll put my tp in the kitchen cabinets and my pasta under the bathroom sink.
  4. I put my pooches out at 2a.m. & just a light dusting. I got up at 6 & put them out right before I left for Pittsburgh & wow a couple of inches in that period of time.
  5. Thanks. I really liked that place and the painting days at Pizza Hut.
  6. I said across from Holiday Inn Express but I realize I meant Dr. Doolittle's. Sorry. I think it was Kepple's.
  7. I see Anna's Art & Soul went out. That's too bad. That was a great idea. Also see that car shop across from the Holiday Inn Express went out.
  8. I saw this online. So precious.
  9. Well that's a brilliant idea. Hire someone whose business went out and who treated his employees badly. And treated his customers poorly if they had a complaint.
  10. I think the planning involved in this project had to be phenomenal. I'm wondering if they anticipated needing to replace the trannys twice. I would also like to know how the driver was chosen. He had to have alot of patience to do this job.
  11. The ad is at the top of this forum.
  12. So, I see someone put Firehouse in it's old location. They also seem to have better hours. What's going on with O'Reilly, there hasn't been a change to the appearance? Why hasn't the Fashion Bug Plus sign been taken down?
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