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  1. I wonder how long it will take an upper extremitiy paraplegic to file a lawsuit.
  2. I kept wondering about the ramifications of doing away with stickers. Who came up with that idea?
  3. There is no sound reason why a man should be pulling a child's hair and pulling the child away.
  4. I tip when I pick up food because the servers have to pack the order. At Eat n Park for example, the server takes your order, packs it and depending on the time of day delivers it out the window. That is still service to me. It takes them away from their tables and they are responsible for the accuracy of the order. When in doubt better to tip than not.
  5. Yes. Use a prepaid credit card that you get at Walmart. It can be set up to automatically draft monthly. It would just need to be loaded monthly to make sure adequate funds are on it.
  6. I read strip malls are more popular. People want to run in/out quickly. If this is the trend I would think someone(new owner) could remodel so one could walk into a store from the parking lot.
  7. I haven't posted anything because it is topsy turvy. Supper thread starts with oldest etc
  8. A need to crunch ice is a symptom of iron deficiency.
  9. Best wishes for poocheroo. Should the pooch need advanced care I can highly recommend Pittsburgh Veterinary Specialists. My giant breeds have been there for numerous things off and on.
  10. Al the best to you. I was so worried that may be the outcome. Sending prayers to pooch.
  11. Please let us know how the pooch is doing.
  12. I know how worried you are. All of us can give you our opinions and they may or may not be right. They may just end up scaring you. If this was my pooch, and I have 5 of a giant breed, is to apply a warm, moist heat. Monitor the size and see if it growing from now until you get him into the vet. Take a sharpie and draw an outline around it and try to use a sling to put him out so he does not put a lot of weight on it. Saints are so stoic so his leg could have been bothering him before and he did not show it. And to the poster who said dogs can get Lymes from a shot....that is incorrect. The Lymes Titer will increase hence make antibodies in the immune system. There is copious research proving the efficacy of Lymes vaccines in canines.
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