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  1. pineappleology

    Trying to find....

    Thanks so much.
  2. pineappleology

    Trying to find....

    Thanks so much.
  3. Dare I say I do not think he had malice just stupidity.
  4. pineappleology

    Help with a MacBook Pro

    I got frustrated like that doing a resume when Windows 10 came out. I finally started to cry no wailed for three hours. I put it to bed and the next day started looking for Youtube tutorials. I even found a tutorial on how to catch a mouse using peanut oil. Lol.
  5. pineappleology

    Help with a MacBook Pro

    I use youtube tutorials for these problems. Just do a search on youtube on how to attach a document on a mac pro. I could write it but it is easier for both of us if you look at your youtube on your phone while following the directions.
  6. pineappleology

    Trying to find....

    Do you or do you know someone who has artistic ability? I am looking for someone to bring a vision I have for a tombstoneto life. Ha no pun intended. I apologize if this is not the right forum for this question but it seems to me that the members have a collected wisdom.
  7. pineappleology

    A Bahamian Memory

    When I worked in Key West then Miami I learned that the acid from the lime juice kind of "cooks" the raw fish whether the fish in ceviche or raw conch especially if it gets marinated in it. Mmmm...this has made me hungry.
  8. pineappleology

    lost phone

    I am assuming the phone was off otherwise you can try ringing it.
  9. Hooray for this woman to be alert and get involved.
  10. What is so amazing is Sears and Pennys had mail order before the internet. Their CEOs did not have a vision for the future. They had a good model for mail order they just blew it.
  11. Wow! I have patronized that book store. All I bought were books but wow!
  12. pineappleology

    Dangerous Intersection

    I have a belief that one should never have to zoom out of a street. If my light turns green and there is still oncoming traffic and I have to hurry or sit through a red light again....there needs to be an green arrow light or the lights need to be adjusted.
  13. I cannot figure out how this happened. EZ pass is linked to a bank account or credit card. Any other way she would pay immediately. Now how many others have figured out her way to scam?
  14. pineappleology

    Hospital parking

    May I add that not all disabilities can be seen. I have severe allergies and Asthma. For some reason I am really having a tough time this summer. A few days ago just being in the heat from store to car and car to store made me so sick. I got home and was having a terrible time breathing. I do not have a placard but that would not have helped anyway when all the handicapped parking is full. If I would've had to go the hospital that day and park over by where Central Christian used to be I would've needed a detour to the ER.
  15. pineappleology

    Hospital parking

    I think that is a good idea but do you think it would help? I mean can they not see for themselves? Could they not anticipate these issues? Not to beat a dead horse but in a way this type of patient inconvenience is reflective in other areas.