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  1. pineappleology

    Local non-affiliated church

    No, not at all. More concerned that society and now even clergy who should be good fiduciaries of the donations they receive coddle and enable people. Interesting that is what you focused on. Maybe you do not know the definition of fiduciary? Seems to me you that you have been rude to me before.
  2. pineappleology

    Local non-affiliated church

    I want opinions on a subject. I know someone who was arrested in May for a very , very large drug bust. His trial has been delayed. He is out on bail. His junker car needed a new tranny. HIs wife's car is newer and in good shape. This church has given him the money to get his car fixed. The pastor knows his history. I am all for helping people but what about growing through adversity. What about the pastor being a good fiduciary? I also cannot understand why the place where he worked but got fired permitted unemployment. Am I not seeing something?
  3. pineappleology

    Neighbor's outside light

    Hey why is a picture of my house and light on here? Lol
  4. He really needed those meds and then some.
  5. pineappleology

    Accident on NY/PA border tonight

    Oh no. You mean.the cow died?
  6. pineappleology

    Local pizza place

    I think if he wants to support one team then support both. Excluding a private school seems very dismissive. That means he seems to forget about the private school kids. Of course, anyone can run their business the way they want.
  7. pineappleology

    Local pizza place

    I hope this is correct place to post this. For quite some time it has annoyed me that a local pizza place makes it known they "support the Beavers". I am glad to see a local business supporting a local team but what about the Cardinals? Why only DHS why not Central Catholic as well? (Taken out by admin) Has he forgotten there is another team is DuBois? What is the reason behind only support of the Beavers?
  8. pineappleology

    Trying to find....

    Thanks so much.
  9. pineappleology

    Trying to find....

    Thanks so much.
  10. Dare I say I do not think he had malice just stupidity.
  11. pineappleology

    Help with a MacBook Pro

    I got frustrated like that doing a resume when Windows 10 came out. I finally started to cry no wailed for three hours. I put it to bed and the next day started looking for Youtube tutorials. I even found a tutorial on how to catch a mouse using peanut oil. Lol.
  12. pineappleology

    Help with a MacBook Pro

    I use youtube tutorials for these problems. Just do a search on youtube on how to attach a document on a mac pro. I could write it but it is easier for both of us if you look at your youtube on your phone while following the directions.
  13. pineappleology

    Trying to find....

    Do you or do you know someone who has artistic ability? I am looking for someone to bring a vision I have for a tombstoneto life. Ha no pun intended. I apologize if this is not the right forum for this question but it seems to me that the members have a collected wisdom.
  14. pineappleology

    A Bahamian Memory

    When I worked in Key West then Miami I learned that the acid from the lime juice kind of "cooks" the raw fish whether the fish in ceviche or raw conch especially if it gets marinated in it. Mmmm...this has made me hungry.
  15. pineappleology

    Wondering, new posts?

    I haven't posted anything because it is topsy turvy. Supper thread starts with oldest etc