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    Be more specific please. Give some examples of what we can do short of civil war.
  2. Youth baseball coach breaks 72-year-old umpire's jaw with 'sucker punch' during tournament in New Jersey (msn.com) New Jersey youth baseball umpire was the victim of a brutal attack from a coach during a game in Branchburg, N.J. earlier this month. According to Matthew Stanmyre of NJ.com, league president Brian Delahant confirmed that the umpire suffered a broken jaw, which required "extensive dental surgery." The attack took place during a 13-and-under United States Amateur Baseball League tournament game. According to the league, the umpire is 72 years old. Prior to the violent attack, the coach was arguing with the umpire regarding a call and ended up being ejected from the game. Following the ejection, the coach punched the umpire in the face and fled from the field. "This coach, who is built like a linebacker, then proceeds to walk up to the 72-year-old veteran umpire with 35+ years of experience umpiring games and sucker punch him in the face. ...Even as police and EMTs were providing medical attention to the umpire, other parents from the same team were heard shouting expletives at the umpire and saying things like, 'He deserved it,'" according to a post on the USABL's official Facebook page. The league also stated that the umpire's jaw was fractured in two spots and had to be wired shut during the surgery. Michael Schutta, who is the director of public safety for the Branchburg Police Department, stated that the altercation has been reported and is under investigation. As a result of the altercation, the coach and his team, who are from Staten Island, have been banned from competing in the U.S. Amateur Baseball League ever again, according to Delahunt. "The environment for youth sports has become toxic," Delahant told NJ.com. "No one can lose a game anymore without blaming somebody else. We need to teach our kids that they're not going to win every game they play and how to lose with respect for both their opponents as well as the officials on the game." Delahant also said that the umpire is currently recovering from his injuries. And we wonder why some kids turn out like they do.
  3. Fossil fuels are also used to make the car.
  4. How would you stop the bullying?
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    Went to school in the 50s 60s. Was never bullied, nor did i ever bully. Had some fights, and got my a$$ wiped some, but never bullied. As a side note. My son was in the 7th grade when 3 boys bullied him. Come home crying, told me what happened. I told him "You go to school tomorrow and get them one at a time. Tell them My dad said You 3 might kick my a$$, but I'm to get you one at a time and kick your a$$. From that day foreword he was never bullied again.
  6. Penn if you impeach him, who's in line to take over? Smiley K.H. then good ooold N.P. So just get ready for the next 2 years. Wasn't it Betty Davis that said "Buckle up, it's going to be a bumpy ride."
  7. They look like Storm Troopers.
  8. Here's another one for you fed. How about a company paying Prevailing wage and taking out for 401k, but not paying into it. Happen to a friend of mine. He got his money, he turn in the company to get it.
  9. Yep! Knew a guy that worked for a company that the owner would pay prevailing wage, then take him to the bank to cash his check. Then the guy would kick back so much to the owner. Said he worked there until he could fined anther job.
  10. http://www.pabuildingtrades.org/prevailing-wage.aspx The Pennsylvania State Prevailing Wage law requires that all workers on state funded construction projects that exceed $25,000 be paid the State Prevailing Wage. The Federal Government requires the payment of Prevailing Wages for all Construction Contracts that have federal funding that exceeds $2,000, which includes federal, state and local public works projects. The Federal Davis/Bacon Act was signed into law by President Hebert Hoover in 1931 and amended in 1935 with wage conditions and amended again in 1964 to include the consideration of fringe benefits.
  11. Been there. I stand by what i posted. Their not worth it. Big questions are. If they love you why are they cheating, what did you do wrong, and the lover is doing right? Can't understand people that have their spouses kill because they don't to give them half of everything in a divorce. Then lose it all when they go to prison. Makes no sense to me.
  12. What he should of done. Is tell the boyfriend that "If you're going to ride the horse, then take it to your barn." No cheating woman or man is worth fighting or killing over.
  13. As I have said "Watch the movie wag the dog." After being caught in a scandal, the president does not have much of a chance of being re-elected. A Hollywood producer is hired to manufacture a war that the president can heroically end. MPAA Rating: R
  14. Fox is getting right up there with all the other news medias.
  15. More than them. Fallow the money people that have or want the power.
  16. Reason to Abort: Rape, Incest, Mothers Health. My opinion is(that and a couple bucks will get you a cup coffee). Abortion should not be used for birth control. If you are going to have an abortion i would rather see it done in a hospital than in the back alleys.
  17. So what you are saying is, that the person that helped you get pregnant has no say? From what you posted, it's up to the woman to not pregnant? Your body your choice. Right? If you don't want to be with child. Then do whatever it takes to not get pregnant.
  18. So if you choose to keep the baby, but your partner wanted you to abort, Would he still have to pay child support? Also, You want to abort, but he wants to raise the child, With or without you should he be able to?
  19. Fed those are the same people that say "It's the gun and not the person".
  20. What is Human Gene Editing? n November 2018, researcher He Jiankui from Shenzhen, China announced the birth of the first gene-edited babies: twin girls publicly referred to as Lulu and Nana. In a reckless and widely condemned experiment, He had edited the DNA of two embryos and used them to start a pregnancy. The babies were born prematurely and their current health status is unknown. https://www.geneticsandsociety.org/internal-content/what-human-gene-editing
  21. Killed not murdered. Rioters not protesters.
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