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  1. One section titled “Hex” tells the reader, “Hexing people is an important way to get out anger and frustration.” It becomes increasingly deranged, suggesting that those who say “all lives matter” or commit “microaggressions,” should be targeted. “Write your own hex poem, cursing that person,” it instructs. And, when asked about the witchcraft document, a local teacher wouldn’t disown it, or even say that it bothered her. Instead, she simply said that she’s “opposed to the ‘all lives matter’ message.” To be clear, that means that her excuse for filling the heads of students with pagan nonsense and hatred of the other side is that she doesn’t think that all lives matter. How is she a teacher? Yet worse, this isn’t California’s first time wading into teaching its students to live out violent pagan rituals. Back in September, the Washington Times reportedthat: A group of parents in California sued the State Board of Education Friday over a proposed new “Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum” (ESMC) that would have public school students chanting affirmations to Aztec gods and invoking an ancient Nigerian Yoruba religious prayer. So students can’t pray in school nor can the Bible be taught, but teachers are allowed to demand their students hex political opponents and chant “affirmations to Aztec gods.” That’s what your mind looks like on leftism, folks.
  2. leftists continue to get more and more insane, with leftist teachers being an increasingly insane bunch, even among their fellows. Now, those teachers aren’t just pushing CRT and LGBTQ propaganda on students, they’re also teaching them to hex people that say “all lives matter.” That’s right, leftist teachers in California are actually teaching their students witchcraft and to curse those with different political opinions.
  3. https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fpatriotfetch.com%2F2021%2F12%2Fcalifornia-schools-are-teaching-students-to-use-witchcraft-against-those-that-say-all-lives-matter%2F&h=AT3Pn2cdmEe3AoBQFrxUH9S7PeDTdzTVYVcnrO3HfNVL9DZoCxXAOi6dlDcVOmLqA40LFlFljpEaybkr3KcO29yx49Yx3AvXnr4bKZOd8n8N6BSkOCIu6MADSfSx1s4&s=1
  4. If we are stuck on standard time, we will never have those summer days that stay light until after 9 PM. And it will be dark early all Fall and Winter.
  5. Kent Christmas has been preaching for 50 years. He is pastor of Regeneration Church in Nashville.
  6. Do not use your debit card to buy things on-line. It is attached to your checking account and they can clean you out. Use a credit card to buy on-line and if that gets hacked, you are not freezing your checking account, or getting overdraft fees, and credit card companies can see if you really did the transactions, and refund you. If you DON’T want a credit card, it is much safer to have the bulk of your money in a savings account, or a checking account with no debit card attached. Have a second checking account that you shop from that you keep just enough for your on-line shopping.
  7. I remember Rush pointing out during the Obama years, that almost every time, the numbers were revised. The initial report is the one people pay attention to. No one noticed when they had to lower them a lot later.
  8. If you have a chance to go see Aladdin, it was SUPER awesome!!
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