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  1. When I lived in Harrisburg, they flew over Ft. Indiantown Gap 2-3 days a week. Very loud and entertaining...especially at night.
  2. I believe the issue might reside with commercial flights. Western MD/Northern VA has heavy commercial flight traffic. Commercial airliners generally run the I-80 corridor and will not cause disruptions to their training.
  3. I'm not a fan of Franklin, but I get why they extended him. The University had very little leverage. If Franklin leaves, he takes with him recruits and they're forced to start over. If they want a big time coach to improve the program, then they're spending over $10M per year. Who's out there that could take this program and put it on the level of Ohio State/Alabama/Georgia/Oklahoma? PSU chose to remain relevant at a fair market value. Franklin tends to overthink himself a lot. It gets him into trouble late in games. Also, he talks too much and that gets him into trouble too.
  4. Exactly. They are overwhelmed. "Big part"...I'll agree it's "a part".
  5. Tell that to the 20%. I'd like to see the data of overwhelmed hospitals and their staffing rates. Not every bed is occupied by covid patients. In fact, it's a lot less than media wants you to believe.
  6. We should STOP looking at this as - Vaxxed vs Unvaxxed. Rather, Immune vs Non-immune. Things become clearer when you take that point of view.
  7. Good question. What makes one an "expert"? I'm referenced as an "expert" among my colleagues in my field. They call me that, I would never call myself one. I believe I'm still trying to figure things out. I'm not one for labels...especially self-labeling. Does Alex Berenson refer to himself as an "expert"? I consider him an investigative journalist who has a detailed history of reporting in the scientific/medical community. Regardless, he raises some very good questions and finds some very good information.
  8. There are 4-6 coyotes living in the woods behind my house. They howl in the middle of the night and when the fire whistles blow. Eerie kind of howl. My neighbors and I have been hunting them for 3 years now. We have only been fortunately to kill 1. They are tough to find. Have the colored lights and have gone out at all hours too.
  9. I disagree. His real skill is asking questions that no one else is asking. Everything he proposes is sourced and usually that source is accredited scientific journals or governments. What conclusion would you make of a chart that shows overall the same age range (assume a mix of genders?) where one subset was vaccinated and the other was not showing death rates between them? If the lines were reversed, I'm sure you'd say (as would nearly everyone else), this vaccine works.
  10. Anyone interested in a heart condition? The American Heart Association updated their figures on those who receive the vaccine and get myocarditis. Originally, they thought it was 1 in 9 who get the disease...turns out, it's 1 in 4. Better yet, it mostly occurs in younger males...early 20's/late teens. You know, typically the most healthy who never needed a vaccine anyway. Isn't approving a vaccine before it has been fully tested fun!!! Abstract 10712: Mrna COVID Vaccines Dramatically Increase Endothelial Inflammatory Markers and ACS Risk as Measured by the PULS Cardiac Test: a Warning | Circulation (ahajournals.org)
  11. Where is the march on Washington DC? The rest of the world see's it. Forced mandates for a vaccine that has been proven to NOT prevent spread, hospitalization, and/or death. FACT. Instead we're focused on their imaginary racism smokescreen. Ah well, boosters now available...get yours today!!
  12. My apologies, it does expand outside of government agencies. All businesses of 100+ employees. I was referencing a very early report that was released prior to the official report.
  13. Well, originally I agreed with this premise. After some thought, I think they need to protest here. Their management needs to hear them and understand where they stand. PH management can report to Medicare/Medicaid or whomever is driving this and inform them of the breadth/depth of this decision/requirement. Yes, protests need to happen here, Harrisburg, and DC. In yesterday's courier, one of the PH managers is quoted as saying only "66% of employees were vaccinated." That's a terribly low number a year into this vaccine.
  14. I get what you're saying and for the most part, you're right. However, don't you think the covid vaccine is a bit rushed for governments/businesses to "require" as a term of employment/entrance/travel/etc? Why isn't natural immunity considered? Why are people spreading/getting covid who received the vaccine? Finally, some reports are starting to come out that the vaccine is not slowing hospitalizations/deaths (Fauci said admitted this yesterday). There are 1000's questions. Most important question, why won't these governments/businesses pump the brakes on all this until many of these other questions are answered and the vaccine is fully tested?
  15. Speaking with one in upper management, they told me the opposite. Said, if we receive an exemption we'll approve it. I can't imagine them having the time/capacity to check everyone's records being short staffed.
  16. True. Maybe it's a way for the employees to let the community know where they stand? I have heard that PH will be accepting nearly any and all exemptions to prevent firings. That's a smart move.
  17. Yes, true OSHA covers all workplaces. However, the mandate was only directed towards government agencies and those who are contracted work with/for the Government (I think who are also funded by USG, but not sure). For example, Panera Bread is not obligated to have their employees vaccinated under the OSHA mandate because they aren't funded or work for the US government. Palo Construction would be required to have it's employees vaccinated since they hold government contracts to complete roads/bridges.
  18. Private companies can still require it. The OSHA thing is related to government work. My company who does zero work for the government is still requiring vaccines to be in our bloodstreams in a month. We can either do it or find employment elsewhere. It's all bullsh!t.
  19. Have you gone to PH DuBois recently? They are dangerously understaffed, in my opinion. The Gov't needs to calm down and step back! Good luck to the protesters, dress warm and wear chap stick! Supposed to be cold and windy. Protest set at Penn Highlands DuBois to take a stand against vaccine mandate | Coronavirus | thecourierexpress.com Protest set at Penn Highlands DuBois to take a stand against vaccine mandate By Brianne Fleming bfleming@thecourierexpress.com 2 hrs ago DuBOIS — Healthcare workers and community members are planning to line the sidewalks in front of Penn Highlands DuBois as part of a "Medical Freedom of Choice Rally" on Friday. The protest, a "stand against forced mandates and a stand for freedom," is set for 2-4 p.m. Friday on public sidewalks of 100 Hospital Ave. Those who attend are encouraged to bring signs, banners or just themselves, the Facebook page says. The protest is open to anyone who supports freedom of choice. According to an email distributed Nov. 11 to employees on vaccine updates and exemption procedures, Penn Highlands Healthcare is "complying with the mandate issued by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services," which is requiring that healthcare workers have the COVID-19 vaccine. "According to the federal mandate, all employees – union and non-union system wide, must be fully vaccinated by Jan. 4, 2022, and the first dose of a two-dose regimen must be administered by Dec. 5, 2021," the email says. The CMS mandate also states that weekly COVID-19 testing is not an option for healthcare workers, according to the PHH Communications release online. "Employees not fully vaccinated by Jan. 3, 2022 will be placed on non-paid administrative leave for 45 days. After 45 days, they will be terminated," the website notes. Wendy Whelpley and Mandy Freemer, certified medical assistants with PHH, are two of the organizers. "We are slowly losing our freedoms, especially our medical freedom," said Whelpley. The women noted that healthcare employees have been working diligently all throughout the pandemic, and now, they could be at risk of losing their jobs if they choose to not get the vaccine. "We should be able to decide what we put in our bodies... not the government or anyone else," Whelpley said. The women said there are people they know of who are vaccinated against COVID-19 who are still contracting COVID and passing it around, and yet, they still get to keep their jobs. The situation is being viewed by some, like the protesters, as "unconstitutional." "They are really putting all of us in a terrible situation of losing our jobs that we love, or giving up the last bit of freedom we have," said Whelpley. Ultimately, the women say, no one should have to choose between their career and the vaccine. "In the end, it will be patients who suffer from this mandate," Whelpley added, noting that the hospital is already struggling from a shortage of workers. "But, we need to stand up for what we believe is right." The Courier Express contacted Penn Highlands Healthcare officials for comment; those questions — including ongoing court challenges to the federal mandate — are expected to be addressed at a PHH COVID-19 media teleconference scheduled for Thursday.
  20. Yes. It started yesterday and ends tomorrow. TODAY AT 9 AM – 7 PM Truckload Sale benefitting the DuBois Area YMCA and the Bucktail Council, BSA B Warehouse, 130 Satterlee Rd, DuBois, PA
  21. Hate to be a buzzkill, but this story is not true. One person never said all of this. It's actually a complication from 3-4 different quotes from different people/books. The "America has now passed..." on down was totally made up. Good story though and it makes ya think.
  22. This is not true. The SCOTUS has rejected every 2020 election challenge. Nothing will be overturned. They've moved on and so should you. Donald Trump will never be President again. If he runs again in 2024, he'll spit the party and you'll end up with Biden 2.0.
  23. Glad to see there are still judges who follow the law. Pennsylvania court throws out school mask mandate (wtae.com)
  24. I did and couldn't take it seriously after finding several headline misspellings and the inability to properly space their headings. Also, it's the same stories that you'll find virtually everywhere else.
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