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  1. Again, "more times than not". Never indicated that it's a one size fits all approach/concept.
  2. Taking a different point of view, maybe it's more of a discipline than anything. Maybe it's a way to illustrate it's importance and the severity of ones actions? More times than not, divorce harms a family. It's a breakdown of the family and there is a correlation between the breakdown of the nuclear family and hardships America/the World is facing. There should be no "just because" because everything is here: https://www.vatican.va/archive/ENG0015/_INDEX.HTM However, one thing that is not, and it confuses me, are holy days. Why is a day a "holy day" here, but not in the next dioce
  3. I think...maybe someone with better understanding can correct me...I think, annulment is the religious exercise within the faith and divorce is outside of the religion or the state/civil announcing separation. Since a "divorce" is not recognized within the faith, it is considered adultery.
  4. Not sure what to tell you, but it's true that it's supported by biblical liturgy. Read it for yourself. https://www.vatican.va/archive/ENG0015/_INDEX.HTM Everything is footnoted with a bible verse. I'm not theologically trained and if you have more questions that you'd like answered about the Catholic church, I'd suggest contacting one of the local priests. They'd be happy to discuss all of this with any of you.
  5. It's reality for divorce. It's not right, but it does happen.
  6. There's a bible quote that will support nearly every point of view. None of what I stated is what I "think". It's what the church IS. The catechism is the Catholic church's constitution/bill of rights. If you don't like it or agree with it, then don't. Catholics are the first Christians and every Christian denomination comes from Catholicism, that's historical fact. The catechism, if you read it you'll find, that every rule/law is supported by the biblical liturgy (the gospels). Nothing more Christian than that.
  7. No, they would not rather you do that. That's a great misconception. There are steps of reconciliation that would put the couple in good standing with the church. Annulment is the most popular option. Honestly, for the right amount, you can get those done quickly. The catechism outlines those what it takes. Too busy to find it at the moment...that thing is as long as War and Peace!
  8. Your post is ignorant of the facts. Even the saints were sinners. It's not the Catholic bishops "choice", rather it's their duty. The Catechism of the Catholic Church clearly states that murder (i.e. abortion, divorce, etc) is a mortal sin. It also states that one cannot be in mortal sin and receive the eucharist. Yes, all are sinners, but few are "mortal" sinners. Finally, laws (church or state) should not have concern for ones "feelings" and I believe that's the #1 reason the world is how it is nowadays.
  9. No one will know if this draft was good, bad, or meh for at least 3 years. Losing Villanueva only improves that line. Dotson, Finney, Okafor, Hassenhour, etc will be fine. The picks were typical Steelers picks...good off the field guys with tons of up side. If 3 of the 8 pan out, that would be success. That punter from Ga Tech is interesting because he has the frame of an lineman, set college punting records, and has a heck of an arm. My biggest gripe about the draft was they could have went after a S/CB position more.
  10. Who cares what that dolt says.
  11. Dobbs and Haskins would be the two logical to go first. Haskins before Dobbs.
  12. They'll cut 1 before the season. 2 if they draft a QB
  13. Patience. Their next pick (2nd rd) will be an offensive lineman. Either T or C. I hope their next 2 picks are O line. CB's later. I can see them going for that QB from Texas A&M if he's around in the 3rd.
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