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  1. Since that guy was escorted out, I hear that CTKM has improved. My mother lives in the cottages and loves it there. They treat her well and she (we) has no complaints. Staff is fantastic! This cannot be good for his daughters ice cream truck business next to the medicine shoppe. Didn't she work for CTKM at one time in a management role??
  2. Commercial - Those deciding on their future career, take a hard look at Food Science. More jobs available than there are people to fill them. Most careers are starting out close to 6 figures and every food company needs them. Not all GMO's are bad. Most crops are genetically modified and are considered GMO foods. Mostly ones that were modified to resist insects/pests.
  3. A new softball field is great. However, I think that spot would be perfect for an "all-in-one" field. A turfed field that can play football, soccer, lacrosse, and field hockey. Those last two sports should become a thing around here, IMO. Also, I hope this new field doesn't affect parking or the basketball courts. Parking is already thin and those basketball courts are full most days. Giving the kids an outdoor activity. Also, INCREASE THE SIZE OF THE NETTING AT STERN FIELD!!!! Too many foul balls into Heindl and there will be into this new softball field.
  4. I don't. I do know that my wife and her sister spend every Saturday morning in May greenhouse hoppin'. They usually start at 9am and they go to that one. They like some place called Rainbow and another where 410 and 119 meet. I'm expecting another $200 worth of plants sitting on the sideway on Saturday afternoon.
  5. I've never experienced this or have I witnessed what you mention above. What I have witnessed all across this area is the need for people turning right to swing very wide to their left, into the incoming lane or passing lane. I cannot understand why drivers in this area do that. Turning right onto West Long Ave from Main Street is a popular place for this stupidity.
  6. I can't speak for other fields, only speaking about the 3 in DuBois. Batters boxes and mounds do not need replaced multiple times a year. Heavy traffic areas will last longer with more pellets. I've been working on 2 of the 3 fields since they were built. Showers had their boxes and mound area replaced mostly caused by metal cleats. Stern hasn't had any problems.
  7. Not sure why you're so grumpy. I did not insinuate what profit the city is getting. BUT, the city probably does have the revenue numbers or could direct you to the organization who does. There is minimal upkeep on those fields and they're designed to handle wear and tear. If coaches sprinkle the pellets in heavy traffic areas from time to time, the "carpet" will a long time.
  8. I think the city keeps tabs on that and they should be able to provide exact figures. I remember reading in the Courier that the Clearfield county something-or-other said that the revenue generated paid for the renovations after 1 year. I can't find the article, but I think it was from 2019.
  9. It's not too late to start growing your own for this Thanksgiving. I'm raising 3.
  10. Fair enough. It's a tough situation. Most corporations are public...have shareholders. Sales growth is necessary for their existence. It's easier and makes more sense to increase pricing for growth, rather than, increase units sold for growth. A majority of those profits that we read about are being eaten up elsewhere within the business.
  11. Out of stock is mostly driven by S&D. Inflation most certainly is driving the current pricing. Inflation does not only come into play at the end (retailer to consumer) it comes into play throughout the entire supply chain. I can only speak for my organization and we manufacture over 200 items found in US grocery stores. 50+ name brands. Only 1 brand is currently experiencing supply issues and we've been raising prices every other month since November. If S&D were driving prices, then only a few manufacturers would be raising them and only on certain items. Prices are up across the board. Everything costs more to grow, costs more to produce, costs more to pack, costs more to warehouse, costs more to transport and costs more own space on a store shelf. All of those increases get passed on to the consumer since they are financing the entire supply chain.
  12. Inflation is the main driver in price increases, not demand. That is Trump and Biden's fault. Trump for pushing and signing the crazy covid spending bill and Biden for nearly everything he's done since being sworn in. My organization predicts inflation to top off between 10-13% sometime later this year (Q3). Until then, prices will continue to rise.
  13. Roundabouts? Weird seeing many on here in support of them. How times have changed. I lived in the eastern part of the state for many years and each town has a "square". Would be nice if DuBois worked one of those into their landscape.
  14. Investigators seen at DuBois City building – Sunny 106 FM
  15. This story just started. Whether you like it or not, it will be an on going discussion. Murders are extremely rare around here. If someone doesn't mention in this forum, I'm sure the media will carry it.
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