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  1. If the Beagle experiments aren't your thing, maybe how their funding experiments on monkeys is more your thing. #firefauci NIH Funds ‘Toxic Brain Injection’ Monkey Experiments, Holes Drilled Into Skulls, Devices Implanted Into Brains – Hellbound and Down
  2. Bad new folks. The UK's vaccine surveillance report admits that antibody levels are lower in people who get infected AFTER receiving the vaccine. Meaning, the vaccinated people are far more vulnerable to mutations even after they have been infected and recovered. Preventing long-term immunity, doing more harm than good. https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/1027511/Vaccine-surveillance-report-week-42.pdf These vaccines were rushed and I don't believe there should be mandates on something that has not been fully test
  3. Inflation, holiday demand on the way, and depleted reserves...I predict it will go up at least another $1/gallon. Will top out close to $5 per gallon.
  4. I still don't understand why. Couldn't they of kept the university names and merged? Let's be honest, internally and externally, they will be referred by their current names. This seems like a waste of money. Imagine how much they spent on this...the marketing firm, graphic design, PR, letterhead, etc.
  5. Coincidently, I stumbled upon a CNBC article outlining many of my points. https://www.cnbc.com/2021/10/12/a-record-4point3-million-workers-quit-their-jobs-in-august-led-by-food-and-retail-industries.html
  6. This has nothing to do with inflation. I enjoy this comedian and he makes fun of Biden a lot. Enjoy.
  7. I've been banging this drum since May/June. I work for a major Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) manufacturer and have spent countless hours working on supply chain issues and I don't work in supply chain. Regardless of what the news says, here's the problems: Manufacturers, like other industries, offered early retirement at the beginning of the pandemic. Many took. Then the Gov't made it easier for the rest to stay home. Which they did. Now there's a labor shortage. Production facilities shut lines down when a couple folks test positive for covid. Nearly impossible to make
  8. Yeah, I wouldn't convert a current above ground line...not cost effective. For the second time, I completed the a similar project as you in May. Mine was 250'...helps to have a mini-excavator at your disposal. What I learned is that Unielec has become less lax on their rules/requirements.
  9. Proper conduit and adequate drainage rock...there's not much that can go wrong. Penelec/Unielec are both highly encouraging underground lines for new service.
  10. This pandemic is more of a political/social experiment.
  11. At this moment, that has yet to be determined. Researchers are still studying if covid antibodies decrease over time and how long. At this point, they know that antibodies from Natural Immunity lasts longer than the vaccine (Hence the bootsers).
  12. Of course, folks who are immune compromised and elderly (high risk) should get the vaccine. But a large majority, guessing 90%, of the public does not fall into that category and should not be painted with the same broad brush. This vaccine should not be mandated, especially when there are other options/variables.
  13. YES IT DOES. It's not even in the conversation. Your claim about antibodies fading over time is unverified. Actually, in September, researchers learned that natural immunity lasts longer than expected especially against the vaccine. Researchers are still studying to determine how long...maybe years/decades??
  14. Agreed, but I'm willing to bet a majority of the population acquired the virus before the vaccines were available. The antibody test should be equivalent (of better) to a vaccine card/passport. Access should be granted to natural immunity folks the same as a vaccinated person.
  15. Personally, I understand that and expected it. What frustrates the hell outta me is how Natural Immunity gets ignored. Pfizer employees admitted (video) that you're better protected if you have Natural Immunity...i.e. High antibody counts from previous covid infection. With that fact out there...been out there...why the push for vaccines in the first place? Why are they being mandated? Why are gov't/corporate america officials insinuating that they will make you immune?? Natural Immunity lessens the severity of illness, well, naturally.
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