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  1. It does provide you the opportunity/right to hang you're own flag that reads, "F*** the F*** Joe Biden Flag".
  2. Cacao

    CDC: Masks

    Good for you (I mean that). Wear a mask, vaccinate as much as you want. You have the freedom to do so...without question. What irks me is when that favor/respect/grace is not returned.
  3. Actions speak louder than words and Biden is definitely extremely poor at that. The pervious President was not perfect, but was much better in the actions department and that's what matters most. Also, President Trump was not the best speaker because he jumped around a lot. Although, I did find him funny to listen too.
  4. Cacao

    CDC: Masks

    Masks? No, thank you. https://babylonbee.com/news/to-defeat-delta-variant-experts-recommend-doing-all-the-things-that-didnt-work-the-first-time
  5. Worst of the Tri-County would be more entertaining. Especially, if they posted comments to go with it. Consumers are more likely to respond to poor service than they are good service. The ultimate poll would be the Best Tri-County Area in any area. You could so the same for Tri-State Area as well. My favorite "Tri-County Area" would have to be Dauphin/Cumberland/Perry counties. It has it all, city and country. "Best Tr-State" is, without a doubt, the Tennessee/Georgia/North Carolina.
  6. For more "Danone-like" jobs to come here, in addition to DuBois/Sandy being good to each other, we need our state representation to do more leading in Harrisburg and less "falling in line". State/Federal regulations and taxes are also a contributing factor.
  7. Surprised I only received 9 thumbs down. Assumed I'd get more. What other unpopular opinion do I hold?
  8. You are confused. It's your opinion that it tastes like "old school pizza". It is my opinion that it tastes like Frank's..i.e. bad. I don't/won't eat either. I never insinuated or said that Capt'n Blues was "great" or anything close to that. I merely informed others that there is another option.
  9. Believe it bucco. I dislike Frank's and have since I was a kid. Too doughy and nothing but a mouthful of grease. Capt'n Blues in Reynoldsville...call him and ask. He's a good dude and is nice to talk to. Can't remember his name, but he was in 'Nam and has some very interesting stories.
  10. I've said this before...Frank's Pizza is terrible pizza. No loss here. But, if you're a fan, Capt'n Blues in Reynoldsville is the EXACT same thing. The guy used to own Frank's and uses the original recipe. Can go get your fix there.
  11. Cacao


    Watching a chick take a crap is better than the homosexual or transgender couples that are in EVERY commercial. Taking a crap is normal, the latter is not.
  12. If she hides weed in her crack, does she hide crack in her weeds? Hmmm...they better check to be certain.
  13. Here are my opinions outside of brewing my own beers. (as you will see, I like beer and trying lots of them) Best craft beer in our area - Mechanistic Brewing in Clarion. https://www.mechanisticbrewing.com/ Great people, great atmosphere and I enjoy the different food trucks. Owners are very friendly. Best beer in the state - Ever Grain in Camp Hill, Zeroday in Harrisburg, and Free Will in Sellerville. Boxcar - Has been disappointing lately. Lacking variety and their staple beers taste off. I'll go back in a few months and try again. Levity - It's ok. A lot of IPA
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