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  1. Time Left: 1 month and 25 days

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    Mossburg Turkey shotgun butt stock in NEW MOSSY OAK BREAKUP. In as new condition. Perfect shape- no dings, scrapes or anything. Excellent for right handed shooters. I can't use because I am left handed. I had to order a regular butts stock and it cost me more! BUTT STOCK ONLY.


  2. GOOD NEWS! The price for disposable face masks has dropped a lot on Amazon. A couple of weeks ago, a 50 pack would cost you over $25-$30 dollars or more! Now there are lots of 50 packs selling for around $10.00! Many are from overseas. Some are USA made but the cost is higher. Maybe we will soon see hand sanitizer brands that we recognize and trust!
  3. hydroxychloroquine and another drug might be an important help. It has been said THOUSANDS of Doctors say it helps. Please give me a list of just 10 local Doctors that support the use of hydroxychloroquine. I am interested in the research. If no local Doctors, just 10 from anywhere.
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    Nice set of Callaway LEFT HANDED RAZER X BLACK irons. 5,6.7,8,9,PW irons. Metal shafts, regular flex, grips all good and heads good shape. REDUCED TO $150.00!!


  5. Hi Cacao! Thanks for your insights.
  6. What I have found on wipes and hand sanitizer are lots of unknown brands showing up in Walmart, Ace Hardware, Martins and many other stores. They are from Turkey, China, Asia and other foreign areas. Reports of some hand sanitizers exploding or other unwelcome issues. Forget finding Purell or much Chlorox stuff. Where is it all going?
  7. Thank you Lyndsey33 for your help! Ken PS anyone with info on Clorox wipes and where they can be bought would be helpful! Thanks!
  8. Have you tried to buy the required masks? In March, I went to the local WalMart and bought 20 disposable face masks for $2.97( I have the receipts to prove it) Last week I went in and to buy 20 disposable masks it would cost around $20.00 and more! I asked a store manager and they said all their masks now come from 3rd party sellers! I asked about the Walmart brand and they said they no longer receive the Walmart brand masks. From $2.97 to $20.00+ Some companies are price gouging and getting rich at our expense! Anyone know where to get face masks without the price gouging? Hand sanitizer is another giant price gouging rip off! The government should be giving the masks out to help compliance! Some cities are doing this!
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