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  1. Why do you automatically call people who don’t agree with you Liberals? I agree with very little of the sputum you spout and I sure am not a Liberal. Seems to be your smokescreen
  2. Awful does not begin to describe this person....my hope is Mr. Pompeii will take it down.
  3. Are you seriously making fun of someone’s death?
  4. There needs to be an apology editorial from the editor....not just the tiny,minuscule printed message buried in the paper.
  5. This is so sad, and I am sorry for the trauma this has caused you. Grief is difficult on its own, but to have this happen is reprehensible. The Courier Express needs to make a heartfelt, genuine apology and put it on the front page using the same amount of space that Monday’s repeat article took up and be sincere. Will it happen? I think so if enough people “encouraged” them to do so (read cancel subscriptions and encourage others to do the same.). This is a disgrace!
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