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  1. Awful does not begin to describe this person....my hope is Mr. Pompeii will take it down.
  2. Are you seriously making fun of someone’s death?
  3. There needs to be an apology editorial from the editor....not just the tiny,minuscule printed message buried in the paper.
  4. This is so sad, and I am sorry for the trauma this has caused you. Grief is difficult on its own, but to have this happen is reprehensible. The Courier Express needs to make a heartfelt, genuine apology and put it on the front page using the same amount of space that Monday’s repeat article took up and be sincere. Will it happen? I think so if enough people “encouraged” them to do so (read cancel subscriptions and encourage others to do the same.). This is a disgrace!
  5. On a watchdog donation site, it indicated that the CEO of Red Cross makes over $650,000. I haven’t been able to verify this but if it is, how much stays local?
  6. You are missing the point....again. It is how you present yourself....anywhere...on this board, and also public and private situations. Like it or not, you are judged on many different things. Just like when you speak in third person.
  7. Nor am I insinuating that YOU are.However, I know firsthand of situations where people were not hired because of their verbal skills. When they inquired why they were not hired and were told, some became irate and played the “ain’t my fault I don’t speak good” card and some learned a valuable lesson and decided to do something about it. Kudos to them. We all went to school and were taught the same rules. If you, as an adult, do not know the differences of their, there, they’re along with to, too, and two, and your and you’re, don’t blame society on how you are perceived. Take this opportunity to LEARN. YouTube has some great videos.
  8. But the very, very basic rules of grammar should tell you it should NEVER be “I seen”and “I come.” I saw, and I came. I even hear it from some supposedly very educated people.
  9. Biggest mistake Dubois ever made was to let Vizza get away and hire Lansbury. We all know how that ended....
  10. Seltzer water with quinine in really helps. Get it at any grocery store, but quinine must be an ingredient.
  11. Or perhaps the guy who was condoning his son’s not letting them know he didn’t get a bill for his meal pulled it. He should be ashamed of himself for not setting his son straight, but alas, shame and good parenting is probably not in this parent’s wheelhouse. So sad... Remember.... “parent” is also a verb.
  12. blueskylady


    Where did the Fusion restaurant topic go?
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