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How much do you really care??


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If you do, today is a perfect chance for you to learn something about others who cares.

After yesterday's news on just two major things that is happening in your lives, you have a perfect chance to analyze what the information highway is offering to those that tunes into the information they believe.

It will take time to do but you should spend some time educating yourselves learning about what people are being told.

Spend 2 hours of your time listening to any of the mainstream media outlets, then spend 2 hours listening to Fox news.  See which one is telling the truth.  Not what you want to hear but, the actual truth.

Which source actually quotes the written word in a official document that is being discussed.

Which source offers up their opinions on the written word and claims their opinions to be the facts.

Which source spends time offering proof that your president is not capable of doing his job?

Are you tired of hearing excuses and seeing complete omissions of facts contained in a official document?

Don't you think it might be time to accept truth instead of lies 

It's your country, treat it like it belongs to you and your totally responsible for what it is 


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Seriously people, ain't it time for you to start questioning the noise that you have wanted to believe to maintain your comfy life and start questioning the impact on your lives that is being accepted by you and so many people?

If your back yard makes you happy because of all the hard work you did, are you willing to ignore the future you can see?

For the hell of it, I will bring up the old standby used by your voted for government on both sides, to get your attention.

What about the future you are creating and accepting and it's impact on your children and their children?


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