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  1. Sheriffs used to have police powers. But when PA instituted the Municipal Police training law thingamajigger they forgot to include sheriffs/deputies. After a couple court rulings things got sorted out, eliminating the sheriffs power until the General Assembly redoes things. Police power is under "statutory power of arrest", the sheriffs are under common law power of arrest, for now. I'm with you on restoring the sheriffs/deputies. Appointed powers is repugnant in this country.
  2. Sheriffs in PA do not have police powers, they are only officers of the court - basically bailiffs and jail wardens. They have the exact same power of arrest as you and I in PA(see bottom of post). The only county where the sheriff department has police powers in Allegheny due to the class of county, and there the separated the sheriffs department from the "county police". Civil arrest powers: 1. When there is reason to believe a felony has occurred. 2. When you have personally witnessed a breach of the peace. 3. When there is a warrant for the person in question.
  3. I had some nitwit left-flavored koolaid drinker argue with me online that housing production is at its highest in the last 15-16 years. ....yeah, no it isn't. He cited a left-written propaganda article for some place in Arizona then tried to apply it to the rest of the country. ....that ONE place is growing because folks are leaving California and are already accustomed to paying hyper-inflated housing prices - so the new build price looks normal to them. Lumber prices are still high, so are related construction materials. Very few are building right now. The only folks who are constructing new houses in the area I work are the Amish - using their own lumber.
  4. Sounds like another pole got tagged in the area of 28 & Williams a number of minutes ago.
  5. That sucks! I wrote the job for Alltel to replace the joint poles(power, catv, telco) from about the old Williams Rd at the curve all the way to Egypt Rd about 20 years ago when PennDOT added a wider shoulder. Also for a couple poles at the saw mill and a couple in front of the phone office in Hazen, and a number of them from about the Pine Creek/Warsaw township line to about Butler Cemetery Rd when they straightened out some of the curves. Then wrote the job for DuCom to transfer to the new poles. Worked for DuCom, but also contract engineered to Alltel at the time.
  6. Same Shanna. Her friends list was(haven't looked since) a who's who of meth folks. A number had been in the news for meth, and I looked up a bunch of others in the state portal - many had drug convictions. I'd be willing to bet($10max) that the killer is/was involved in the drug trade going on in the greater Clearfield area.
  7. So far. Punxy call-out for a tree limb down. Ringgold call-out for a tree down, blocking half of a road - Porter Twp. Lost Hill Rd/Fairview Rd area.
  8. Now sunny with light clouds in Brookville, some wind. You can see the storm clouds to the south.
  9. Until 12:15PM. ...just got the notice across my cell phone.
  10. Station 15 are some good people. I'm probably related to everyone one of them in some distant relation. lol
  11. Always ask your pharmacist if there is a generic form of the drug. There is quite often a no-name brand of the exact same drug for way less $.
  12. Most KFC's are franchised, owned not by KFC itself, but rather some local yocal. I seriously doubt that is common practice across the KFC Empire.
  13. A VP will be appointed first. Speaker only moves up if both, President and Vice President, are out of the picture at same time.
  14. PennDOT is also in the chain of vehicles providing traffic control and road prep for any weather conditions. The transport company and owners of item paid for the support made by the state, municipalities, and other businesses/utilities. These superload moves help bring in funds to PA, much like the charges of going through the Panama Canal does for Panama, or Suez Canal for Egypt. I had to do a series of utility prep jobs for the company that built the new 1 gigawatt power plant north of Johnstown a couple years ago - 48 superloads. None were individually this big, but did help make a number of people paychecks for a couple weeks.
  15. Possibly due to clearances from utilities, bridges, buildings, etc. And some bridges/roads not being able to support the weight. Then turn-radius at some intersections or turns in the road.
  16. That doesn't work with robo calling. It isn't a human doing the dialing, it is a computer. For example, they load 814-375-0000 to 814-375-9999 into the system to call, then let it loose. The only when to stop is it execute the people who start up such "businesses". If they are caught and shut down, they do the same thing over and over again. It is notorious in India.
  17. Yep, they tend to spoof numbers of the state in which they are trying to spam-call. I get primarily WV calls because I have a WV cell#. The old lady and kid get PA calls, being they have PA#'s. The spam/fraudulent callers don't care if your are on Do Not Call lists because there is a low chance of being caught. To trace even one of those spoofed calls you must have assistance from each phone company that the call comes through, which often requires a warrant for that specific action in each state/jurisdiction. Now try to coordinate a trace back from local phone company, thru local long distance to a hub, thru an interstate long distance to a point of entry(if call truly originates abroad), then thru an international carrier, then thru the carriers/phone companies of all other countries that the call goes through. .....it takes an act of Congress and 6 of gods of your choosing.
  18. Practically all of them require you to block them manually. Yes, they keep switching numbers.
  19. Unfortunately, I don't have a recommendation for landlines.
  20. On the free call blocker app that I have on my phone - I've yet to run into a limit. I'm well into the hundreds, if not thousands of blocked numbers.
  21. Harris and Pelosi are bigger threats to our republic, leave the mindless troll in office.
  22. My boy works there, started back in November at $15.50. He works 10-12hr shifts for 36hrs a week, mostly weekends with an occasional weekday.
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