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  1. Feb 15th & 16th 2015. The temp never went above zero and some spots in the area went down to a -22 https://www.timeanddate.com/weather/@5187432/historic?month=2&year=2015
  2. Years ago I would put studded snow tires on my car, throw a couple bags of sand in the trunk and never worried about any snowstorm stopping me.
  3. The freight: An empty empty steel tank decommissioned in 1996 at the D1G Prototype reactor plant on the Naval Nuclear Laboratory's Kenneth A. Kesselring Site in West Milton. A PennDOT spokeswoman said the tank will be disassembled, recycled and disposed of by Alaron, which does low-level radioactive materials processing.
  4. New trend in some cities is not to charge addicts with crimes and to supervise their drug use.
  5. The Acura dealers offered the same type deal.
  6. When my vehicle needs service, the dealer sends a loaner car for me to use at no charge. The dealership is in Wexford, Pa.
  7. Keyser Soze


    A medical facility.
  8. In August of 2005 I paid over $21.00 per MMBtu for Natural gas. Today the price is $4.52. Natural gas is still a bargain.
  9. The first South African doctor to alert the authorities about patients with the omicron variant has told The Telegraph that the symptoms of the new variant are unusual but mild. “Their symptoms were so different and so mild from those I had treated before,” said Dr Coetzee, a GP for 33 years who chairs the South African Medical Association alongside running her practice. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/global-health/science-and-disease/south-african-doctor-raised-alarm-omicron-variant-says-symptoms/
  10. The healthcare workers should quit their jobs especially the ones at Penn Highlands. They will get better jobs.
  11. You conveniently posted information that was not correct.
  12. Maybe you will need them to help you in a life saving situation but you will end up not being saved.
  13. Fully vaccinated individuals with breakthrough infections have peak viral load similar to unvaccinated cases and can efficiently transmit infection in household settings, including to fully vaccinated contacts. Host–virus interactions early in infection may shape the entire viral trajectory. https://www.thelancet.com/journals/laninf/article/PIIS1473-3099(21)00648-4/fulltext
  14. The Township voted not to pursue Home Rule Charter when they voted to end the process in June. Using the ballot question from 2002 was the only option because the other process required numerous candidates to gather petition signatures and then be elected to serve on the Home Rule study commission There were no other " behind the scene faces"
  15. The Sandy and DuBois governments were interested in the tax raising (lowering) aspects of Home Rule. ( More earned income tax and less real estate tax) This type of government can be voted on later. There are advantages and disadvantages of Home Rule. What is home rule? Why adopt home rule? What are the advantages?Simply put, home rule allows a municipality much more freedom to self-govern, which in turn can be empowering for citizens. It also limits interference from state legislation, beneficial on the state-level because it frees up the General Assembly to focus on statewide issues. It can be a way to address financial difficulties, as home rule allows a municipality to raise taxes. Altoona is currently in the process of pursuing a home rule designation as a way to get out of Act 47. What are some disadvantages? Home rule can give a lot of power to local leaders or the loudest voices without much oversight from the state. The charter can be cumbersome—any change to a home rule charter requires a referendum on a ballot (and many changes could mean a really long ballot). On the other hand, the very fact that a charter can be changed by a simple vote can lead to instability if, say, a municipality changed its charter frequently. Perhaps the most common objection is that Pa. home rule municipalities aren’t bound by state-set tax limits. While this is an advantage to governments that want to increase revenue, this may not be appealing to citizens who don’t want to see their taxes go up. Home rule could also make it harder to address issues that affect a wider region. Neighboring municipalities are bound by their own home rule charters and aren’t required to cooperate with other local governments. https://whyy.org/articles/what-is-home-rule/
  16. The undergrounds used for housing are fine. It is the main transmission lines that are expensive to bury and maintain. I have a underground service to my own home. It has failed 3 times in forty years.
  17. Why doesn’t the U.S. bury its power lines?Burying power lines costs roughly US$1 million per mile, but the geography or population density of the service area can halve this cost or triple it. In the wake of a statewide ice storm in December 2002, the North Carolina Utilities Commission and the electric utilities explored the feasibility of burying the state’s distribution lines underground and concluded that the project would take 25 years to complete and increase electricity rates by 125 percent. The project was never begun, as the price increase was not seen as reasonable for consumers. n terms of reliability, it is not correct to say that burying power lines protects them from storm damage. It simply shifts the risk of damage from one type of storm effect to another. For example, it is true that undergrounding can mitigate damage from wind events such as flying debris, falling trees and limbs, and collected ice and snow. But alternatives, such as proper vegetation management practices, replacing wood poles with steel, concrete or composite ones, or reinforcing utility poles with guy wires, may be nearly as effective in mitigating storm damage and may cost less. Also, undergrounding power lines may make them more susceptible to damage from corrosive storm surge and flooding from rainfall or melting ice and snow. Areas with greater vulnerability to storm surge and flooding will confront systems that are less reliable (and at greater cost) as a result of undergrounding. https://theconversation.com/why-doesnt-the-u-s-bury-its-power-lines-104829
  18. I do not think the utility pole owner wants to give up the rental fees they charge to the other services that also use the pole. These fees can be as high as $800 dollars per mile.
  19. There is no need to sort the items in the bin.
  20. No need to worry about this for now. The proposal is for a pilot program.
  21. The number of Haitian illegals in Del Rio Texas has spiked from 4,000 on Wednesday to more than 14,000 on Saturday. No masks in sight!
  22. Some have said that PennDot/Turnpike Commission are criminal organizations.
  23. There's Been a Surge in Veterans Contacting the VA Crisis Line Since Afghanistan Collapse The Veterans Crisis Line has seen a sharp uptick in calls since the Taliban took control of Kabul in mid-August, a sign that veterans experienced significant stress as the war in Afghanistan came to a close. Texts to the hotline jumped 98% between Aug. 14 and Aug. 29, while chat messages and calls rose by 40% and 7% when compared with the same time frame last year, according to the VA.https://www.military.com/daily-news/2021/08/31/theres-been-surge-veterans-contacting-va-crisis-line-afghanistan-collapse.html
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