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  1. I have a bunch of old computers, hard drives and printers to get rid of. Does anyone know of a place that takes them? Thanks
  2. The Dr at the Jefferson clinic is so nice and great with the animals. And very reasonably priced. He has went to my mother in laws several times for all her animals and charged her a quarter of what others charge.
  3. I havent been seeing many new posts either and none in the accident thread
  4. Ive made it right in the quart jars. You do it the same way you would in a crock, adding salt and tamping. Then put lids on it and be sure to set it in something or on newspaper in case it leaks while it works.
  5. We ate it right out of the 50 gallon crock. we made it in. Stinks up the house but it's really good
  6. I think if I remember right the romas at the bulk store are 15.00 a half bushel. I maybe wrong but I know she told me that they are expensive this year.
  7. Thanks for all the info. And I have actually killed daylilies lol. But I have enough that it didnt matter
  8. I also have the tall ones in the first picture. They are every where. And I have some pretty yellow ones that stay close to the ground
  9. They are like the second pictures and for some reason the colors vary from year to year. Its like having a different garden every year. The first year they were all orange. The next there were pink, yellow and orange. Thisvyear there were some almost blood red ones in the mix. The flowers are gone but the stems are stiil green.
  10. I have lilies growing in my flower bed. They are tall, not like the short ones that grow in a bunche. Can I move them any time after they bloom? They are taking over the flower bed.
  11. We have half a dozen or so of the flickers and one ringneck lol
  12. I don't know if I figure it out or not but the ones here have more red on them.
  13. . I can't figure out on this laptop how to save pictures so I don't have any to show you
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