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  1. Happy Birthday! Hope it was a great day!


  2. I always think about her... often times, I see old comments from her on my facebook and miss her. Then I think of dogg... then I think of all my godubois friends... We lost a beautiful soul way too early. I'm sure she's up there yelling at us right about now though!! <3 Rest in Peace
  3. I'm shocked that in #1 they didn't note that there is a human body laying on the ground. Now... with today's technology, there are so many ways to alter photographs that it isn't funny. There is no way in knowing if these are real or photoshopped. I bet, in a few years, this beautiful touching photo of the young girl (Katlyn) who is pregnant with the firefighter's (Jeff Buck) baby -- i bet people will be saying -- wow! look... his ghost showed up at the photo shoot! Photo Credit to Gypsy Tree Photography
  4. This was posted on her Facebook by her sister... We love you and will miss you lady
  5. Of course it EXISTS... just like DuBois exists... Brookville exists... etc... but what is there is the big question.
  6. But no one would save me from the cicada last year.
  7. im gonna have nightmares now... thanks guys.
  8. From Raw Footage Films comes a new film about Bigfoot like none other. This is based on events that were documented by an individual and his experiences with a Bigfoot while owning a cabin in the mountains of Pennsylvania. Although the name, story and location have been changed for the film, the story line is based on alleged encounters this man had with Sasquatch. The movie also documents the field work of the Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society and many of its' members including Eric Altman, David Rupert, Ron Gallucci and many others. The film also features interviews from other independent Bigfoot investigators and eyewitnesses who claim to have encountered the creature in the wilds of Pennsylvania. The film is in post production and Raw Footage films plans to release the film on DVD in early 2013. The film was shot in various active Bigfoot hot spots through out Pennsylvania. Please stop back for further updates or visit Raw Footage Films on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/raw.footage.7?fref=ts.
  9. MOUNTAIN DEVIL: The Search for Frank Peterson Bigfoot research has revealed a number of theories about the elusive creature ranging from the paranormal to an evolutionary link to our past. The evidence to support any of these theories has been largely questionable or even dismissed. Now comes new insight into the one unsolved case that has not only avoided the media for years, but could also finally offer a definitive answer to the reality of Bigfoot. Mountain Devil introduces long kept secrets concerning one frightening night spent at a secluded mountain cabin by Frank Peterson and his long time friend. Peterson's unearthed personal journals and photos serve as the tapestry in which the events are painted. Mountain Devil connects the present with the past by following current researchers and experts on location and into their ongoing search for the truth. Frank Peterson's most compelling evidence for his encounter lies in the 8mm film taken of that early morning event. Documenting new sightings and investigating the old, the film crew invites the viewer to a fresh exploration into one of the most intriguing questions plaguing us about our own backyard -- the existence of Bigfoot. Hosted By: Duane Bradley (Basket Case) Featuring: Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society and members Eric Altman, David Rupert, and Ron Gallucci. Also included are Pennsylvania Bigfoot/UFO Investigator Stan Gordon, Independent Researcher Dennis Dean Thomas and Dwayne Pintoff. Also Featuring: Eddie Benevich and Eric Kovel Produced/Directed by Ryan Cavalline RAW FOOTAGE
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