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  1. I'd appreciate any recommendations for a handyman. I have a few projects that I need help with but are too small for my contractor. -install a ceiling light and a porch hanging lantern -fix a wobbling ceiling fan -install shelving in two closets -hang a few pictures/mirrors Thanks!
  2. Anyone know why maple is shut down?
  3. Did anyone listen to the meeting
  4. Masks prevent you from spreading germs to others. They don’t do nothing. It’s a minor thing and if everyone wore them we could get back to normal much more quickly. That case number is going to skyrocket now that everyone is going out again. This summer we will be right back where we started on lockdown.
  5. Was this done with permission of the Zelman's or were they fighting this?
  6. Are people having Easter gatherings? You shouldn’t be
  7. I know 2 people with it and 1 that passed away.
  8. Lowe’s is deemed essential. Go on pa sept of health website. You can read the press release of what is essential
  9. YourBoy


    Saying nothing has changed in 20 years and then saying we should keep doing the same thing doesn't make much sense. This would be great if it would open up Kiwanis trail to get city water and sewer so that area could be developed. There are lots of health care professionals coming to the area that would be interested in acreage up there. Hunting will not be affected. That is a scare tactic that has been used over and over.
  10. YourBoy


    Drug use and drinking in high school is way down from 20 years ago.
  11. YourBoy


    I'd like to see the evidence the area is growing.
  12. YourBoy


    The combined entities should have more leverage to offer more attractive incentives to industry/business looking to locate to the area.
  13. YourBoy


    There’s no good reason not to consolidate. Would be great for the area
  14. Peking has been closed for months. Is another Chinese place going in there? I saw it was sold
  15. McDonald’s, Wendy’s, mr donut. Kids had tons of places to go after school. Now all they have is sheetz
  16. I keep getting one that says I indicated I'm interested in health insurance.
  17. Tons of workers used to die in the Steel mills, Coal mines, building bridges, etc. Why do you think unions formed?
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