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  1. Add....... UFO, Trooper, Sweet, Nazareth, Head East, Deep Purple, Blue Oyster Cult, Dio, Rush, Grand Funk Railroad, etc....
  2. Don't know who the heck Paramore is but Parliament is some good Funk!
  3. It's scumbags like this that makes it a nightmare for people that actually need it to get it. They have to spend months to even years with lawyers fighting to get it.
  4. It's funny that when Advance came in they tried to monopolize the area by buying out most of the small/midsized garbage haulers to force their higher rates/contracts on the area. Some held out including mine. Wonder if WM will come in guns a blazing?
  5. The Amish community is no different than any other. They have their share of undesirables and illegal activities just the same. To think any different is just denial. Just one example is head to any liquor store or beer distributor where there is an Amish community and watch how many Amish men and women are buying beer and liquor. And don't give me the they're buying it for their "driver" excuse....
  6. Hey a good friend of mine done one of those deals a few years later found out he had a sister AND a daughter he never knew about.....
  7. Stopped at Boyer's Outlet around Christmas and tried one of the "new" Clark Bars and to me it didn't taste the same as the original.
  8. This was copied from another social media site.... Where the hell is PENN DOT?!? Let me tell you.... on every road in their designated area....which they can't cover all at the same time....plowing, putting material down, dealing with multiple requests from EMS for multiple accidents and vehicles off the roadways and trees down because we live in Pennsylvania where it SNOWS!! And this time it snowed fast! The only one that can be everywhere at once is God!....so here's some advice... 1. If you don't have to go out on the roads...stay home. 2. If you have to go out, leave in plenty of time. 3. Expect delays. 4. Realize you don't get a personal escort from the plow trucks. 5. There are way more roadways than plow trucks and they can't speed anymore than you can!!! Also, the first responders have the same issues to deal with as you do. So the fire, police, ambulance, dispatchers, traffic controllers, etc. As well as the Penn DOT folks ARE family, HAVE family and are doing the best they can. They deserve your patience and prayers, not your criticism!
  9. 95% of the 4WD warriors are usually the ones in the ditch, plowed into a tree or pole, or smashed into someone else because they think they can still go like Hell.....
  10. Cancel school because of rain?! Surely you jest! Heck I thought they were getting soft here with the quick cancellation trigger...
  11. We had an army of guys shoveling snow since 5 AM on the job site and we couldn't keep up and finally had to call the job. Too dangerous.
  12. Not near as low as the Democrats snubbing a 100 year old war veteran, an active duty Army hero surprising his family, a 9 year old girl receiving awards, and so on. Real class acts they are.....
  13. Yes, my mother. She has Parkinson's disease and her tremors were so bad that she could hardly hold on to anything with out dropping it. Since she has started using CBD oil she is a completely different person. Her tremors are very light to even non-existent some days. I have been looking into it myself as what I thought was normal aches and pains in my hands from years of abuse from construction was diagnosed as severe arthritis this week. The first thing the doctor wanted to do is prescribe me narcotics. I refuse to go that route.
  14. Only thing missing was a bunch of old, fat, bald drunk guys waving dollar bills!
  15. What more could a man ask for?? 😋
  16. See we had the exact opposite experience at UPMC Hillman and Shadyside. Everyone from the top right down to the cleaning staff were friendly and went out of their way to help you out. Never once were we ever rushed around and the doctors spent as much time as we needed to explain what was going on. Now on the other hand I'll respect Mr Pompeii's rules about bashing local businesses.....
  17. Wonder how long until Penn Highlands makes a move to buy Punxsy hospital? Myself I'd prefer UPMC move into this area.
  18. Penn Highlands bought it from what I've heard.
  19. So I wonder who has been groomed to run for the two seats?
  20. Force your way into our home and you'll be standing in front of the real God...
  21. Well the one is a minor so either the kid gets a job and pays it or the parents will be responsible to pay it. Yes they could also be arrested and placed in jail for failure to pay fines and costs. I see warrants issued and court reports all the time in the local rags for that.
  22. Lost the greatest Rock & Roll drummer this week. The legendary RUSH drummer Neil Peart.
  23. My gut tells me that deals will be made and charges plead down and walks away with a meaningless probation and fines.
  24. There is. Call 911 and give them description of the truck, license plate #, and location/direction it's going.
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