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  1. It's a shame... I have quite a few friends that work there for Exelon. While some are going to other plants many others are going to be unemployed. I my self have worked there numerous times over the last 26 years during their refueling outages as have thousands of other tradesmen and tradeswomen. The impact of TMI shutting down is going to reach far and wide.
  2. You know if people weren't so damn gullible and believed everything they read on the various social media outlets, message boards, etc it would eliminate a whole bunch of unneeded stress and hysteria in their lives. Heck within a few hours of this happening people were claiming this dude was in Brookville, Punxsy, Indiana, DuBois, Clarion, Pittsburgh, etc...
  3. I know in my trade if your check is 72 hours late we are compensated at an hourly rate of time and one half retroactive to the original pay date for every hour late.
  4. Ductile iron water mains are going the way of the dinosaurs with plastic pipe and HDPE pipe relpacing it on new mains and branches.
  5. Metzger Animal Hospital in State College. 24 hour vet care 365 days a year. Anything other than routine yearly check ups and shots at our local vet our pets go to Metzger's and its a 2+ hour trip for us and it well worth the trip. CONTACT US 1044 Benner Pike State College, PA 16801 Phone: 814-237-5333 Fax: 814-237-1146 contactus@metzgeranimal.com 24 Hour Care in State College, Bellefonte, Altoona, Clearfield, and surrounding areas. HOURS We are open 24/7 for emergency appointments.
  6. Chicago has the toughest gun laws in the USA and the gangs and bad guys are still getting them. Hmm.....🙄
  7. See what happens when they legalize hippy hay!! What's next hot dogs with miracle whip served on sliced Italian bread....
  8. Here's a good one..... LFG like hot dog sammichs on bread!!
  9. I feel it's more of the "It's all about me, screw thee" society. You see this more in the large population areas but it is rapidly exposing it's ugliness in our rural areas.
  10. When I buy a new vehicle at the dealership they have already inspected the vehicle after they received it from the factory. So when they modify them they are selling you an illegal vehicle with a fraudulent state inspection sticker. Hmm......
  11. So how are these new car dealers throughout the area getting away with selling new trucks and Jeeps with them lifted and oversized tires sticking out the fenderwells even with the extended fender flares on them? I just looked at a brand new 2019 Chevy 1500 like that at an area Chevy dealer.
  12. It was nasty at work last night. We shut it down and got everyone off the units and into the job trailers because there was so much lightning. I was using three different lightning strike apps to monitor the storm and they showed over 1000 lightning strikes in a little over an hour within 10 miles of the jobsite.
  13. Funny I was shopping at an area Shop n' Save this morning picking up groceries for my mother and they were and always have been packed in plastic bags. It really doesn't make a difference to me. Though it would be nice rolling down the PA highways and not seeing Sheetz, Turkeyhill, WaWa, Wal-Mart, etc getting free advertisement with all their bags adorning the trees like windsocks.
  14. Could?? They already are! Went from $2.65 to $2.95 in 36 hours after the announcement of the refinery closing where I'm working.
  15. Stagnation? The second largest construction in the world which I'm working for has 10 years worth of heavy industrial construction on the books just in Pennsylvania and bidding more as I type this. Not to mention all the jobs their competitor's have been awarded in Pennsylvania too. Stagnation?? Okay.....
  16. Sounds like you need a new thermocouple. Simple fix. $6-$8 part at any hardware or Lowe's.
  17. Let me guess she's a Hillary Clinton schill. Definitely a comment out of the Clinton handbook.....
  18. I bought a flat/8 quart last weekend for $32 from an Amish farm off of Route 119 south of Punxsy near Marchand. The smallest berries were the size of golf balls and most were bigger than that. They had lots of berries. Bulk like you want you may want to consider the Dayton Produce Auction near Dayton Pa. You can buy/bid on a quart on up to a pallet full.
  19. Got my mom a cell phone with Straight Talk service years ago and never an issue.
  20. I'd like to see that stats on how many were driving a 4-wheeler VS a side by side also how many were not wearing helmets on both and seat belts/harness and doors in the side by side. We use to ride 4-wheelers every weekend with a large group and never got anyone hurt. The thing I have seen with the side by side "culture" IMO is people think that roll cage makes them invincible and they ride like fools. More than a few times I've seen new side by side owners/riders flipping them over within a few days of buying it.
  21. Attitudes like this is exactly why area people take their business and $$$$ to places like State College, Altoona, Grove City, Pittsburgh, etc.... The old "If you don't like it here go somewhere else" attitude. With all the for sale signs popping up on homes in the area it looks like many are doing exactly that.....
  22. LFG while checking out my local Taco Bell website for the online ordering deal I checked out the menu. To my surprise and excitement I see they now have I think it's called double layer taco. It is a soft taco layered with creamy REFRIED BEAN goodness from the Gods wrapped around a hard taco! Guess what I'm ordering 8-10 of tonight!!!
  23. Well let me rephrase that.... My stop usually includes a few been & cheese burritos too. And speaking of refried beans I wish Taco Bell would add them to their hard tacos!!
  24. When working away from home and don't feel like cooking or a sit down restaurant meal the Taco Bell 10 pack of hard tacos does the trick everytime! Plus I have some left over for lunch the next day!
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