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  1. opal

    Changes for a local WalMart

    I’ve noticed a huge uptick in employees stocking the shelves during peak shopping hours at the DuBois Walmart, and assumed it was part of some cost cutting initiative. Between the giant pallet pushers and the online shopping fulfillment carts it can be downright impossible to maneuver entire departments of the store.
  2. opal

    Delay for CG Johnson?

    Yup, power was back on shortly after I posted.
  3. opal

    Delay for CG Johnson?

    Does anyone know why there’s a delay?
  4. opal

    DuBois Mall is in a Receivership Sale

    When I moved to the area over 15 years ago the DuBois mall was a dump and an almost comical throwback to another era. It was nothing like the clean, well lit upscale modern malls from the area I came from. And it’s only gone wayyyyy down hill since then. Bringing in more deep discount stores,flea markets and consignments booths is not going to fix the problem. It’s an outdated model that has not been maintained and does not attract the profitable younger market.
  5. It was a flex day with dismissals at 12/1. It wouldn’t have made sense for the kids to go for 2 hours.
  6. opal

    Can I still get girl scout cookies

    Cheaper, maybe. Healthier? Doubtful. But when you buy from the Girl Scouts you are supporting children in our area!
  7. opal

    Can I still get girl scout cookies

    Selling has made me a pusher willing to make cash deals with addicts in shady parking lots 😄 But addictive as they may be, we do not put any narcotics in the goods. The Thin Mints are even vegan! They’re practically health food!
  8. opal

    Can I still get girl scout cookies

    https://digitalcookie.girlscouts.org/scout/jane310599 You can also buy and ship directly from our link!
  9. opal

    Can I still get girl scout cookies

    We have 11 unclaimed boxes of Tagalongs up for grabs at the moment.
  10. opal

    Can I still get girl scout cookies

    $5 /box
  11. opal

    Can I still get girl scout cookies

    Message sent! If anyone else needs their fix, let me know! Our truck is coming Saturday and I have extra boxes.
  12. opal

    Instapot Recipes?

    Skinnytaste.com has a ton of them. She uses whole ingredients, lots of veggies, very little salt.
  13. opal

    Microwave Reheating of Some Foods

    It says that reheated celery, and beets will make you sick and become carcinogens. I did listen carefully. It’s clickbait rubbish.
  14. opal

    schools closed Thursday

    Ten minutes of exposure could cause frostbite according to the National Weather Service. The Canadian government also warns parents about frostbite. By all means, take your kids outside tomorrow morning, the rest of us will nominate you for the Darwin Award.
  15. opal

    schools closed Thursday

    I repeated this sentence outloud to myself multiple times because I just could not fathom the leap in logic. ALL of the students should be put at risk, venturing out in the lowest temps and windchill since 1971, because SOME of the students are neglected in their homes ?!?! It’s supposed to be -12 (actual, not windchill!) when my son’s normal bus pick up is tomorrow, and -9 at two hour delay time. There’s no way any kids should be at the bus stops tomorrow. And if parents aren’t heating their homes, it seems unlikely that they’re driving their kids to school in safe, warm vehicles.