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  1. Does anyone with a scanner know what happened?
  2. Still looking for this guy’s family. He is too kid friendly to be a stray!
  3. Kitty is probably 6 months old and on the skinny side with unusually rounded ears.
  4. He’s in our camper for now. I really have to assume he’s a pet. He’s too cuddly to be a stray.
  5. Is this your sweet boy? He was found off Main St. EXTREMELY friendly. Kids were being rough with him so my son brought him hone. No collar.
  6. Firearms training does not make one a law enforcement officer. Discharging a weapon should be the last option for police officers, whereas it’s the most important function of infantry soldiers. As someone with children in the district, that works with children AND is the daughter of a police officer and the granddaughter of a Marine, I’d rather a recently retired police officer to a man that was in combat a decade before I was born.
  7. I’m sure the school district would consider any Veteran that also served as a law enforcement officer. But the fact remains that it is a law enforcement position, and military service alone does not make one qualified.
  8. 👍🏻 No disagreement from me. The parents shared info willingly (falsified/fradulent info, but shared willingly regardless). I’m not sure why there’s any interest in villyifying the district here. The parents screwed up big time.
  9. District wide. It’s on the medical forms everyone fills out yearly. I think it’s mostly overlooked because parents are filling out so many papers. I always specifically write that the school does not have my permission in any way to contact any medical provider and all record requests are to go through me.
  10. Parents specifically have to opt out of the question “can we contact your child’s doctor?” on school forms at the big inning of each year. I’m guessing these bright bulbs didn’t bother reading very carefully.
  11. I’ve noticed a huge uptick in employees stocking the shelves during peak shopping hours at the DuBois Walmart, and assumed it was part of some cost cutting initiative. Between the giant pallet pushers and the online shopping fulfillment carts it can be downright impossible to maneuver entire departments of the store.
  12. Yup, power was back on shortly after I posted.
  13. Does anyone know why there’s a delay?
  14. When I moved to the area over 15 years ago the DuBois mall was a dump and an almost comical throwback to another era. It was nothing like the clean, well lit upscale modern malls from the area I came from. And it’s only gone wayyyyy down hill since then. Bringing in more deep discount stores,flea markets and consignments booths is not going to fix the problem. It’s an outdated model that has not been maintained and does not attract the profitable younger market.
  15. It was a flex day with dismissals at 12/1. It wouldn’t have made sense for the kids to go for 2 hours.
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