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  1. If we wanted to live in a city, we’d move to one. One of the few perks of living in this area is the quiet.
  2. I really cannot fathom why anyone would find this funny. Honking is annoying and distracting for adults and children who are working and learning at home. Be a good neighbor, be kind to the other people who live in your town. It’s not helping your chosen candidate to irritate someone who just wanted to enjoy some peace in their own home.
  3. Yeah this isn’t really vindicating news.... People walk around not knowing they have a weakened heart or else they are actively managing diabetes and are otherwise healthy, they could live for decades as they are, but they get COVID and die. If it weren’t for the virus they’d still be with us.
  4. Call your bank about getting a prepaid debit card. It’s basically a gift card you can use anywhere that can load with a specific amount of money and reload when it gets low. It’s not attached to your bank account so you can’t lose more than what’s on it. Beyond that, there’s a coin shortage and retailers are trying to cut back on customer-employee contact too. It’s not a sign of impending doom and conspiracy. Just plan ahead better.
  5. Good. Safer for the rest of us. Everybody is happy. Win-win.
  6. This a MILLION times. When you step onto private property you are a guest, and you can respect your host’s rules or you can leave. People can scream “my rights!” all they like but the concept of private property is a cornerstone of our freedoms.
  7. According to the American Heart Association, compression only CPR is as effective as mouth to mouth and compression when bystanders have to perform it. Paramedics have one way masks to protect themselves.
  8. Good for them. Anyone that does not agree with the policy is welcome to shop elsewhere. Any shoppers that attempt to skirt the rule after entering should be politely escorted out.
  9. If you have a recommendation, I’d really appreciate it! PM me contact info.
  10. I keep hoping the local police departments will start telling groups to disperse. Three of my neighbors are having regular get togethers on their porches, campfires, man cave garage hangouts, etc etc, sometimes with as many as a dozen guests in a tight group. We are all cooped up, many of us with small kids, and I understand that it SEEMS safe if you’re outdoors, but if just one of these people is contagious and coughs, it’s going to spread like wildfire in a little town with one grocery store.
  11. From both the statements made by the Republicans that opposed this, and by the way it is being reported now that it was passed and the full document was released, it appears that it is a full $600 increase to UC benefits, not a gradual increase up to $600 based on wages.
  12. https://www.bestbuy.com/site/verizon-ellipsis-jetpack-4g-lte-prepaid-mobile-hotspot-black/5971800.p?skuId=5971800 It’s a device that has it’s own cell/data plan that then provides Wifi to nearby devices. It’s a very expensive solution that will only work well in areas with good cell service. If your home is in a dead spot, it won’t work.
  13. https://apple.news/Aw_CpLHK-REugTg3dh78juQ The email we received smacked of good intentions paving the way to hell. Mobile hotspots rely on cell phone service (I’m sure you can think of a have a dozen dead spots locally, I certainly can), have a GB limit per month and are not fast , they’re not a feasible option for full week of classes with video. That’s ignoring the obvious issues of the district buying the supplies, tech support, distribution etc etc etc in an environment that is becoming more restrictive daily. And if they miraculously get all the kids online, then there’s the issue of actually teaching them, which other cities have already found to be nearly impossible to do in compliance with Dept. of Ed. guidelines. We may have to accept that this pandemic is going to change the year our kids graduate.
  14. I agree Lyndsey. It’s natural for parents to look for someone to blame, and I can sympathize, but first and foremost they should be looking at themselves. A 12 year old should not have ANY social media. Every social media platform has their minimum age set at 13 because of the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act. The parents should have been monitoring their child’s internet usage BEFORE the tragedy occurred. As far as this proposed law, it smacks of slippery slope. School Districts should not be responsible for gathering information about students misbehaving outside of school hours and off of school property and then instituting punishments at school. Educators should be educating, not policing students’ social media.
  15. There was a pile of these marked down today in the soda aisle.
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