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  1. Have you seen a fundraiser for them? I’ve been looking.
  2. Oh dear god. The inability to apply the most minuscule shred of logic is mind boggling. The consequence of TRESPASSING is being arrested, which is what happened to the man in Punxsy. If you can’t follow the rules on PRIVATE property (wear a mask in Walmart), you are trespassing and you need to leave. The only ones to blame here are the people who think that their imaginary “right” trumps actual law. If a business puts up the “you must wear a mask to enter it” sign, wear one or DO NOT GO IN. Those are the options.
  3. This is literally a post about an anti-masker refusing to leave a store and throwing a fit. That’s quite a bit worse than “bitching”. He had to be removed by the police.
  4. It’s ridiculous for anti-maskers to act like everyone else is the problem, and they should be able to do whatever they want without consequence. The world doesn’t work like that.
  5. Stores are private property. Customers’ options are follow their policy or leave. If your argument is that you are somehow disabled and shouldn’t wear a mask, they are offering the legally mandated reasonable accommodation by providing curbside pick up. People really do not understand how the ADA applies here. You don’t get to enter private property and not comply with the owners policies. Arguing that mask wearers should just stay home is ridiculous. Just respect private property or you should stay home, it’s that simple.
  6. Why would anyone celebrate this incredibly ignorant and dangerous behavior? I don’t care what your political beliefs are or what movement you’ve got your panties in a twist about, thousands of people should not be gathering together as Covid cases are sky rocketing throughout the country. Shame on them.
  7. opal

    I Voted

    The lines are always long first thing in the morning before people go to work and in the evening after everyone is getting out of work. I waited for 5 minutes at 1 p.m.
  8. Well in that case let me respond: you’re a window licking level moron and if there’s anyone on here that desperately deserves to get Covid it’s you. Have a lovely Friday night.
  9. Cause I had a question? The separation of politics from Message palace was a long standing policy. Steve answered my question. Thanks Steve. This isn’t your site. Why insert yourself?
  10. It was a legitimate question. I’ve been on here for decades. I thought a decision had been made to keep politics separate, guess that’s not the case anymore.
  11. I thought there was a Politics forum for this stuff?
  12. Yeah you specifically said my wannabe President. My own husband doesn’t know my voting history. You certainly don’t. Again, just because you’re obsessed with the idea of a political battlefield doesn’t mean everyone behaves that way. Some of us are just trying to be decent, caring human beings.
  13. Fedup: In my nearly twenty years on this site, I have never stated my political party or supported a candidate. Not a single time. You have no idea who I’m voting for, and my beliefs about masks have nothing to do with politics. I have a mom with pre-existing conditions, and I’m primary caregiver for my kids. I do what is reasonable to keep my loved ones safe. What’s happening in the White House is not part of my thought process at all.
  14. This is actually a really great example of people not necessarily understanding each other. Let’s say I go to Aldi’s as my first stop. I put on my mask before I go in the store. After I leave Aldi’s and head over to Walmart, I SHOULD leave my mask on. I shouldn’t touch it until I am done with my errands and I’m ready to go home. Then it goes in a bag, and I clean my hands again. People who take their masks on and off, and/or don’t wash it every time they use it, aren’t doing it correctly.
  15. Condoms are an excellent form of birth control, 98% effective when used correctly. Effectiveness drops 15-20% when they aren’t used perfectly. That’s why we all know someone with an “oops” baby. Masks are a lot like that, which is why it’s better if everyone uses them. It helps protect you from the person that’s constantly readjusting their mask or pulls it down to speak, or wears it as a chin strap when they’re not close to people. The same people that can’t figure out how to put a condom on but expect to not have a baby. It’s pretty obvious that usage wasn’t perfect, just like it’s not perfect at Walmart, Sheetz, the area schools, etc. etc. etc.
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