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  1. Your Green Mountain recipe on the Weber. Turkey instead of chicken. Very good. When the son says "Real good" you know it is. First pic when replenishing dust. I used two parts sugar maple, two parts hickory and one part cherry. Nice burn rate and flavor.
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  2. LFG

    Best beer can chicken recipe

    I smoked this for the first time Wednesday night, didn't cut it until last night, so I didn't take any pictures. This is definitely in my top 3, LFGal said it's the best chicken I've ever cooked. If you have never made a beer can chicken, get off the grilling forum Very simple recipe, lifted straight from the Green Mountain Grill site with a few tweaks. 2 tbsp olive oil (I substituted butter because... butter) 1tbsp kosher salt 1tbsp black pepper 1 tbsp chopped rosemary 2 tsp chopped thyme 2 tsp chopped dill 4 garlic cloves minces (I substituted minced
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  3. I had an interesting conversation with the son during dinner. He detailed a local commercial operation's technique for moist grilled chicken. It is very good as well. No beer can involved. They will use a simple rub of seasoned salt. Then the bird goes into a pan with a shallow layer of vinegar and butter at the bottom of the pan. Cover the pan and chicken tightly with foil and cook in a conventional oven at 350 until internal temperature is 130 degrees. Remove the foil and put in the grill/smoker at 300 degrees until internal temp is 165 degrees. We didn't see the reason for the butter i
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  4. These pictures are stunning...
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