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  1. I opened this thinking it was some kind of joke. If only. She will be missed. Prayers for her family.
  2. PSTeach


    I have heard sprinkling Borax (like the stuff for laundry) on the carpets at bedtime, then vacuuming it up in the morning helps. For the cat, I have had better luck with the flea prevention stuff from the vet. (The kind you put behind their neck) we never had success with the off brands.
  3. until
    The Growing Years Early Learning Center located at 875 Sunflower Dr., DuBois, is hosting an OPEN HOUSE from 3-6:00 P.M. We offer preschool for ages 3-5. Call (814)371-1233 for more information.
  4. Where will this show up? Am I talking to myself? Lol

  5. There is a place to drain leftover water from, along with a dirt cup at the bottom of our machine. If I start getting an odor, it helps to drain it. I have, when I noticed a problem, taken a little Clorox cleanup on a rag and wipe the large gasket in the door with it. I don't use much cleaner, and I don't do it often, as I don't want the gasket to dry out. But it help kill any mold.
  6. Not sure when they first opened but there was Anne's and the Peacock, just outside of town. Not that I was old enough to patronize them....
  7. I knew about quite a few of the items, but a few at the end made me :HM:
  8. It seemed to be a bad year for veggies, but good for fruit. OUr neighbor's apple tree is still full! Our apples and pears were a bit smaller than usual, but were plentiful.
  9. I saw that yesterday. Very interesting!
  10. Use a canning jar with a little bit of vinegar in it. Make a paper cone with a tiny opening in the bottom, wide enough at ttop to seal the jar. Make sure the bottom of the cone doesn't touch the vinegar. Tape it securely in the jar. The flies will enter the cone and not be able to get back thru the little hole. This always works for me. There are several variations of it out there. * Didn't realize this thread was so old, but it's that time of year again!
  11. Besides the robins making their appearance, my daffodils and tulips have poked thru the earth. Not very far, but enough to give me hope!
  12. We got a bunch of seeds in the mail todAY. I think we are going to make a planting calendar soon. Can't wait to start the seeds!
  13. One year my son, who was about 5 at the time, took 4 pumpkin seeds and plucked them in the ground out in the field. Those were the nicest pumpkins we ever had, even when we tried doing it the "right" way. Someday I'd like to have a respectable patch going.
  14. My MIL has a greenhouse full of blooming geraniums. I Just might park a chair in there and sit a few hours, to cheer myself up! Lol
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