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  1. Everybody needs to realize Biden is only the face out front. The dark machine of Obama is running this country. Look into the background of the people in this administration. Biden is nothing but the puppet on the lap.
  2. If you think the gas tax is going away, I want some of what you are smokin. Government imposed taxes and programs NEVER go away.
  3. Since I'm an old fart and not real computer savvy I don't know how to link. If you want a spot on analysis of all this wokeness bullsh*t go here. Americangreatness.com, the piece by Victor Davis Hanson. "Hitting Woke Herd Immunity" . He is awesome in his analogies as always.
  4. I respectfully disagree. As far as I am concerned we are currently being ruled by force. In a free society the natural reaction to that will not nor should it be to just roll over. The outcome of elections is not decided by those who vote, but by those who count the vote. Elections mean nothing when they can easily be stolen. Read some of the proposals in the latest "election rights" bill jammed through by nutsy Nancy. The ultimate goal of power hungry demoncrats is to do away with elections completely.
  5. Barbed wire, walls and National Guard troops around the Capitol. They know the legislation, executive orders and laws they are currently jamming down our throats do not sit well with the great majority of Americans including a good number of people that voted for Dementia Joe. They are scared as hell of us and know the day is coming when the fury will be unleashed. They are pushing all this through with lightning speed. I also say that they know that we realize we are currently being governed by an illegitimate president and congress and that things are going to get real ugly.
  6. I've said it numerous times on this site over the years. Harrisburg is as crooked, if not more so than DC. They can fly under the radar because national media only covers politics in DC and not Harrisburg. I think we all should put much more energy into reforming/ protesting our state government and thier corruption and self appointed eliteism. There are just as many dirty secrets and secret dirty deeds in that town as in DC.
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