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  1. Very emotional.......great speech.
  2. The only problem I am having is that when I read something and then go back later to read more posts it takes me back to the beginning to ones that I already read. Is there a setting that I don't have correct?
  3. I covered last night with sheets. They are now wet --will it hurt to leave them on for tonight? I'm hoping that they will dry later on today when the sun comes out (hopefully).
  4. Such a lovely young woman--may she RIP.
  5. Very pretty. Where did you find bulbs?
  6. Prayers for her family. Always enjoyed her posts here. RIP
  7. Anyone know what this wildflower is????
  8. Does anyone know what the purple and white flowers are that bloom along the highway--they seem to be some kind of wildflower since I see them mostly along rural roads---would like to have some for in a rock garden.
  9. Always like seeing blooms of all kinds--nice pics!
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