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  1. Won't see me with one on.
  2. She has grown fast. Can barely fit between the legs now. She adorable though.
  3. The sun has been this way for atleast two weeks now.
  4. Pizza hut is a spongy cardboard pizza lmao.
  5. If u look at the sun near sunset the haze is crazy. Ill have to try and get a picture next time and post it.
  6. A dollar box was the best thing to end the night. No matter how bad my gut would hurt after eating Frank's I'd still go back for more. Even cold Frank's the next day was great. I'm hoping they open up soon. I don't want a replacement Frank's I want the real deal...
  7. The girl that was in critical condition.. glad to hear she is home. Hope she is doing well.
  8. Do u want more thumbs down? Then u get banned or ur content will need approved before its posted. Not a fun thing trying to have freedom of speech and ur opinions are monitored. I'd be surprised if this even makes it on. Just about finished with constantly getting shoved away for my opinions just because one person gets their feelings hurt. But they are free to say whatever they want.
  9. Captn blues reminds me of old school pizza. Don't care for it. But u say it's the same as Frank's but say how bad Frank's is and how great the other is. How does this make any sense??
  10. I'll come work there open to close just to keep everyone's Frank's fix in line. Great place,great people and amazing food.
  11. NoRights

    burger king

    It's amazing what people assume. But your welcome. Hope it puts some ease to people's thoughts.
  12. NoRights

    burger king

    My daughter works there and the fryer broke and have to wait for it to be fixed. Can't do anything about it besides close till its fixed.
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