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  1. For internet, you have your choice of local cable tv, local telephone company, what cellular services that have good signal at your house, and satellite. Cable tv tends to have the fastest internet. Depending on if you're in Verizon or Windsteam turf, you'll have ADSL or VDSL available, respectively, if within certain distances from phone office or remote switch. Windstreams VDSL is faster than ADSL - both get slower the further away from source you get. I do know that Windstream is slowly building fiber to the home for internet throughout their exchanges - but that takes awhile to get to rural areas. They have to build the in-town areas first to help fund the rural builds. I pay a little less than $100 with taxes for a 1Gbps up & down service in Brookville. Cellular internet is more expensive than cable tv or phone DSL, per speeds given. And some have data limits - which streaming can eat real fast. Satellite tends to be the most expensive, and most have severe data limits.
  2. Just recently I had another shopper at Hometown(Mike's) check on me. I've been suffering from neck and back problems for past couple months, and happened to need a breather, leaning against an aisle with tears coming out of my eyes from the pain. She asked if I needed 911, which I declined and told her the situation. I personally would rather my "neighbors" see if I'm okay than not. It could have been a different situation that day.
  3. I dont wont any neighbors at all. ...no humans within 1 mile. The ability to pee off the front porch is a feature I look for in a house.
  4. My boy works there, started back in November at $15.50. He works 10-12hr shifts for 36hrs a week, mostly weekends with an occasional weekday.
  5. ExploreClarion had a write-up on Boss Buck a couple months ago or so. It was a pretty good article.
  6. I finally got to visit that place late last year. I had to design a fiber circuit to the PA Wilds center within the park building. A few of the pics the old lady took while I was in the back measuring conduit and inspecting facilities. And one of me being goofy.
  7. That movie scared the living crap out of me when I was a kid.
  8. I would say cars. Even your shortest horse tracks are typically larger than that small oval.
  9. If you have complications with rnetzlof's procedures, I can email them to you. PM me your email address. I will keep it confidential. They are in Low, Medium, and Large file sizes. Approx 1MB, 3+MB, and 11+MB, respectively. I have them down loaded for 1939, 1958, and 1968 - you would need at least a Yahoo account to receive them. Gmail might accept greater than 10MB files, but most ISP based email servers will not.
  10. I forgot to check Penn Pilot. But I see rnetzlof sure did.
  11. Wasn't there an old fairgrounds and/or race track over in that general vicinity a long time ago? I think I remember going to a carnival around the area where Martins is presently located back in the 1970's
  12. My great great grandfather also died in 1918, but I'm not sure why. Possibly of this. He was a general laborer/farm, so he could possibly been exposed to infected folks.
  13. Worst place I've been for ticks was Bell Twp, Westmoreland County. In a 1 mile long utility easement(split into two sections) along Nelson Rd I picked off 50-60 ticks - 2 months ago when it was still a winter mix of weather. I picked off more ticks in that single day than all the ticks in my life combined. It was so bad that I stripped down to my undies in the middle of the road after getting out of the easement to do a tick check. Then had the old lady check me over again once I got home.
  14. I wonder if that Al Roberts is the same guy that used to work for United Electric, lived out by the Thunderbird.. Retired in late '90s early '2000s. Or maybe his name was Al Robertson?, cant remember.. been way too many years.
  15. Yep! I used to work with your mom at DuCom many years ago. ..the family resemblance is there.
  16. I use occasional Frontline applications. Then to get rid of the eggs in the carpets and on smooth floors: Carpets - Hartz flea powder shaken out and stomped in. Then vacuum and then steam clean. Smooth floors(tile/hardwood/linoleum/etc) - mop with HOT HOT HOT water with bleach. Additional treatment - in the winter, I crack open the faucets then turn off the furnace. Then I open up the windows on a few of the coldest days of the winter. The freeze kills a lot of the fleas, eggs, and other bugs. I let my house freeze for as long as I possible can.
  17. We pretty much only use cast iron. ....have a whole kitchen wall covered in pots, skillets, and pans. There is no need to use high heat to dry the pan. Just set the burner on low and it will steam off any moisture in short order. And for those who have never used cast iron - pig lard is the preferred applicant for seasoning cast iron. It leaves a much better carbon coating than oils do, and can properly season a pan in a single application(oil can take countless applications).
  18. In many parts of Maryland you do not even have title/deed to the land. You merely have title/deed to the improvements(structures thereon). While even in places that you do have title/deed to the land, the state/federal goverments retains patent - thus you "rent" it via property taxes, but you're allowed to call it private with the claim of deed. (PA is like that) But with Maryland, many of those areas you cant even claim the land as private.
  19. While it is good to make sure your pets are warm and dry in the worst times of the year - not all pets appreciate being inside. A friend of mine has some Alaskan type dog(not sure of the breed) that refuses to come inside once it is cold. He has to fight it tooth and nail to bring it in at night. ...it WANTS to be outside in the snow and cold temps and is happier than a pig in mud while in the snow.
  20. The parochial school still stands today from that map, although it has be expanded upon. The front of it doesn't resemble the brick building in the original picture. It also has a flat room, unlike the pitched roof of the original picture.
  21. You either build on a knoll or make you're own knoll when you build next to a stream.
  22. Further evidence, the 1930's aerial picture. The roof type of the northern most building is the same. The building to the south has some similar features to the original picture, but could have be torn down and a new building in its place by 1930-something. (wasn't uncommon back then for houses to only as 20, 30, 40 years before being replaced)
  23. The buildings in the old picture are in a low land area, pretty much the only low land area of DuBois. Note the bigger hills in the background, which are to the south. Also, it wasn't uncommon for photographers to take pictures from higher positions, which in turn would alter the perspective of elevations. The only place that can be in DuBois is from the YMCA, eastward towards the mall.
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