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  1. I know, this manure will be piled up and other compost added to it
  2. Anyone know where I can get manure? Preferably cow, horse or chicken. Looking for a pick up load or two, delivery would be great....I'm no spring chicken anymore Also looking for hay/straw. Going to try lasagna gardening this year. It's supposed to be weed free, my old back loves that idea!!
  3. With the Brady/Belichick divorce.....who gets custody of the refs?
  4. According to Flowrestling the tourney is cancelled
  5. Huh???? They aren't allowed to touch one another? I hope that's sarcasm on your part....otherwise they might as well pull the plug on the whole shebang!!!
  6. I saw that news and immediately thought of you. Do you know what we will have in the way of tv coverage in wrestling?
  7. Ed Scott is the only wrestler to advance to the semi-finals in 3A
  8. All local 2A wrestlers have advanced to the semi-finals starting tonight at 7:15. 3A wrestlers start their quarter-final round at 2:15
  9. Advancing to the quarterfinals in 3A are: Trenton Donahue DuBois 132 lbs. Chandler Ho DuBois 138 lbs. Ed Scott DuBois 152 lbs. Advancing to the quarterfinals in 2A are: Cayden Walter Brookville 106 lbs, Owen Reinsel Brookville 113 lbs. Anthony Glasl Brockway 132 lbs, Zach Holland Curwensville 138 lbs. Nathan Taylor Brookville 220 lbs. Colby Whitehall Brookville 285 lbs. The quarterfinal round for AA starts at 9AM this morning.
  10. LOL......I've seen some refs that couldn't get down on the mat in four seconds!!
  11. Well I see Nick Lee is the new number oneLooking through the rankings etc. at Flo I'm thinking N C State might be playing the upset role at nationals this year. Not so much for the team title but they might throw a wrench in the monkey in some weight classes.
  12. Looks like Cael will have a very good freshman class next year, I wonder how many will redshirt. I wonder where the Sanderson boys will go to college!
  13. If Nick Lee isn't the consensus number one at 141 lbs, this week, I'd like to hear the reason why not!! He has beaten every wrestler in the first 7 spots (except himself of course) and I believe all but one was either a MD or a Fall! Pletcher gassed out in the second period, I believe the same thing happened last year. The way to beat Pletcher, get on top and break him down, he will gas out.
  14. Wrestling 2/15/2020 10:11:00 PM Nittany Lions Down #3 Ohio State in Sold Out Bryce Jordan Center Nick Lee takes care of Luke Pletcher in dual’s marquee match-up at 141 UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. – The Penn State Nittany Lions (11-2, 8-1 B1G), ranked No. 2 in the latest InterMat Tournament Power Index, rode a string of three straight bonus wins at the second half to beat No. 3 Ohio State (10-4, 6-3 B1G) in the 2020 BJC Dual. Head coach Cael Sanderson's squad won its fifth-straight over Ohio State, posting a 20
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