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  1. I would agree with that, common sense first. I am 73 next month and doctors in Pittsburgh say that in about 6 months I will start living on borrowed time....weakened immune system and a bad liver and now cancer to top it off. Common sense tells me to wear a mask when I'm out and about, avoid crowded situations among them
  2. I don't rely on experts, and I certainly don't rely on the crap posted on the internet
  3. I can't answer the question about masks as I have not done research about them and don't have a degree in immunology. Your second statement is already true as witnessed by the local eatery employees not using gloves.
  4. It's been 10 years since I was involved in the industry so I imagine there have been changes! What got me on the subject was going to a local eatery and no one had a mask on...I am fine with that as it wasn't mandated at the time. What got to me though was I did not see a single employee wearing gloves. It's like they felt that they were free to do that as well!
  5. I don't believe I ever stated that I was for or against the wearing of any of those. I'm just trying to understand the logic of either view. AND for the umpteenth time I am an independant I will not vote for either R or D if there are other choices!!!!
  6. Have you ever heard of cross contamination from the handling food items that might have salmonella etc. So you are fine with your wait person going to the bathroom and having a "little mishap" while wiping? They don't wash their hands or put on gloves and come over to wait on you. I don't know about you but I'm not in favor of eating poop!!
  7. Than why is wearing a mask considered to be a threat to your rights?
  8. So sorry, the majority of the gloves used today are made of latex though. And it (the wearing of gloves) is mandated by government!
  9. Question for all the people who think masks are a loss of your rights. Is the mandated latex glove use by food handlers a threat to their rights? The regulations state: "Food employees shall clean their hands and exposed portions of their arms… before donning gloves for working with food. "Gloves are meant to be part of a practice to break the chain of possible contamination, and must be used in conjunction with hand washing for their proper use."
  10. I know, this manure will be piled up and other compost added to it
  11. Anyone know where I can get manure? Preferably cow, horse or chicken. Looking for a pick up load or two, delivery would be great....I'm no spring chicken anymore Also looking for hay/straw. Going to try lasagna gardening this year. It's supposed to be weed free, my old back loves that idea!!
  12. With the Brady/Belichick divorce.....who gets custody of the refs?
  13. According to Flowrestling the tourney is cancelled
  14. Huh???? They aren't allowed to touch one another? I hope that's sarcasm on your part....otherwise they might as well pull the plug on the whole shebang!!!
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