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  1. I’ve got my bone-in 8pound pork butt slathered in yellow mustard and marinating in the chill chest. The rub is brown sugar, cayenne pepper, salt and celery salt, garlic powder, chipotle powder, paprika and cinnamon. Tomorrow it will go in a roasting pan, be covered in thick-sliced bacon, and apple juice poured into the pan until it is about 2/3 up the sides. Covered with foil and on the grill at a low (285F) for, oh, 9-10 hours. Every 45 minutes or so you have to spritz the bacon down with apple juice and also keep the juice level up in the pan. It will fall off the bone. I’m planning on
  2. I've just spent the last 45 minutes converting a classroom to use the lectern technology with the conference room software so that we can "remote teach". At ND we have that software, with cameras, in every classroom. IU, not so much. I believe Watoos/C.C. is looking for a good investment strategy - teleconferencing companies and those making switches for AV...
  3. 1. I did not spend 4 years at PSU drinking punch made with grain alcohol only to be killed by a virus named after a mediocre Mexican beer. 2. The Sky is Falling! The Sky is Falling!
  4. AppleTV, Amazon Firestick, Google Chromecast and others are devices that allow you to stream TV apps.
  5. I strongly suspect that the Shriners are one of those groups TBMWWTBP avoids at just about any cost, so he didn't make an appearance.
  6. It was a glorious day for the steak fry - sunny, low 70s, Shriners and beer
  7. It is an interesting grill setup, LFG. It is one of those large gas grills that use 100lb propane tanks,but between the burners and the grill rack are a set of lava rocks.
  8. Today's activity was grilling a couple of hundred New York strips, and a beer or two...
  9. We had enough rain over the weekend that I was able to grill only on Saturday... I had thought to do chicken wings but the local grocery store had them for a buck each, whereas the chicken legs were $4.50 for the same weight, so... I did eight of them with salt, pepper and Penzey's Arizona Dreaming BBQ rub, and eight with salt, pepper and McCormacks' (sp?) lemon pepper. (Mrs_BobRX does NOT like spicy chicken...) They turned out quite well done slowly on foil to crisp-up the skin and then on the grates. All things considered, I've come to the conclusion that the wings were at a gougi
  10. AB was advocating the use of oil soaked paper towels because the oil burns off first, before the paper. That way you have a longer lighting period. This would be important if you use charcoal that has no starter infused, for example.
  11. Drumsticks today... prepped with salt (kosher), freshly ground pepper and just a hint of Penzey’s BBQ 3001 dry rub. Other notions for grilling chicken on a lovely August Sunday?
  12. Starting coals without fluid - Alton Brown recommended taking a sheet of paper towel and soaking it in vegetable oil. Put this under the chimney and when you light it, the oil burns and starts the charcoal.
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