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  1. I've just spent the last 45 minutes converting a classroom to use the lectern technology with the conference room software so that we can "remote teach". At ND we have that software, with cameras, in every classroom. IU, not so much. I believe Watoos/C.C. is looking for a good investment strategy - teleconferencing companies and those making switches for AV...
  2. 1. I did not spend 4 years at PSU drinking punch made with grain alcohol only to be killed by a virus named after a mediocre Mexican beer. 2. The Sky is Falling! The Sky is Falling!
  3. Happy Birthday! I Hope it was a great one!

    1. bob_rx2000


      Thank You!  Far too much turkey though

  4. I heard that there were cave paintings discovered at Bildger's Rocks (sp?). Or in this day and age would we call that vandalism?
  5. Here I figured this was either about a Paul McCartney song from the "Band on the Run" album, or something Joe Kagee (sp?) said in economics class 40+ years ago at DAHS.
  6. My daughter was standing in front of the davenport (aka sofa) the other day, between yours truly and the TV, while engrossed in text messaging. I told her that "she made a better door than a window" and received a blank stare in response.
  7. Get rid of the yellow stuff and find some kudzu...
  8. I remember standing on the top of the "golden stairs" with my mother and sister, looking at the flood down the boulevard at the flood.
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