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  1. Yeah and Biden is batting 1000 on destroying America. But there are still a few who just can't see this. Amazing!!!
  2. Buyers remorse I would guess. I think I'd run and hide too if I so blindly supported this moron! Worst prisedent ever!
  3. Hopefully some of the blind Biden supporters are finally seeing the light! What I wouldn't give for a few mean tweets right now. Ukraine would still be intact, decent gas prices, food on the shelves.....oh, the good old days!
  4. Gold Brick


    I don't see race either, man or woman.....stupid has no boundaries! As an elected individual you are to be held to a higher standard (well they used to be) if you can't live up to that standard you have no business holding office. This is the beginning of the end when the fools who are electing them don't understand this. These are the idiots you trusted to run our country.
  5. Gold Brick


    Watch this blind sheep! While the stupid dems you put in office destroy what's left of a once great nation! This happy chair/ time out generation will be the death of America! Divide and conquer. That's all they want is us fighting each other, so we are too busy to see what's really going on around us.
  6. Keep it up, they work hard for their money now. Keep turning the screw and they'll quit providing for us. Could idiot Biden be more of a disaster? 81 million idiots couldn't be wrong, could they.
  7. They work very well together, like the volunteer fire companies and we will need them both! We can't let this happen. We have a lot of freekwent (not sure of spelling) flyers who tie up these very important services for people who need them. If you have a scanner you know exactly what I'm talking about. Also if you are in one building of the hospital and need transfered to another again they tie up ambulance for transport maybe for a ride across the street.
  8. PLEASE READ if you live in DuBois City or Sandy Twp This was copied and pasted from the “request for proposals for Emergency Medical Services for the city of DuBois and Sandy Twp. “The Municipalities require an EMS provider to provide emergency medical care and emergency ambulance service within the Municipalities. Such a provider would be granted the right to be the exclusive provider of such services in the Municipalities.” They are proposing to have only one service (not two) for our community! “They” are Herm Suplizio, Shawn Arbaugh, and anyone else on the EMS consolidation committee. This community is served by two services who struggle at times to meet the emergency needs of our community. There is a nationwide shortage of EMS professionals and believe me, there is a local shortage as well. Our local BLS services are struggling every day and rely on us to help them provide services for their communities. If you listen to your scanner, you will hear both services turning over calls to the other. It is only the combined efforts of both services that keep this community safe. “The outcome of this RFP will be the selection of a Proposer (Contractor) with whom the Municipalities will execute an exclusive, performance-based agreement (Agreement) for the provision of 1) a ground emergency medical transportation system at a “paramedic Advanced Life Support” (ALS) level of service; and 2) non-emergency interfacility paramedic ALS ambulance transports originating in the Municipalities." So, this one ambulance service is also required to do interfacility transports for Penn Highlands Hospital which takes an ambulance out of service for the duration of that transport. “The Contractor may be called upon to assist with fire stand-by calls, provide a supervisor for command posts when requested, and staff a dedicated ALS unit for community or special events within the Municipalities (such as fireworks, community events, athletic events, etc.). The special events will not be a separately billed item but may require additional staffing.” A staff dedicated means just that, they are there for that event only, and not able to respond to other emergency calls. Yes, this takes another ambulance out of service for other calls in our area. What they are proposing is decreasing ambulance service in our area. Will there be anyone to answer your call? Ask HERM! Any contact for additional information should be made to both Shawn Arbaugh and Herm Suplizio via email at sarbaugh@sandytownship.net and herm.suplizio@duboispa.gov Once this goes into effect, it will be too late. Don’t let anyone fool you, this is NOT GOOD for our community. I don’t know of any other local communities or municipalities that control their ambulance services. Get politics out of EMS! I don't care which service you prefer, we need both. Our city government should be helping EMS not cutting it! This is a crazy idea! Sometimes they don't have enough help to cover our area now. Remember all events that would take an ambulance and crew out of service (stand-by for school sports, fires, transports, etc.) One company will not be enough to cover. How many fire companies will remain to cover area after consolidation? We'll need more than one ambulance company to cover an area this size!
  9. She can't handle the job she has.......so let's get her thinking she could handle something soo much more important! But then again that would be a win for Republicans.
  10. Legs in the air just don't care isn't something this country was founded on. Abortion is ok for certain purposes but not to be used as birth control!
  11. Gold Brick


    Was just saying our choices are for Fetterman or against Fetterman (vote for Oz) I'm not fond of either but especially not Fetterman, only choice left is a vote for Oz. Look what happened with the last presidential election, still don't understand, that many stupid people showed up to vote for Biden. He's destroying this country in record time!
  12. I do, how much longer will it be a free country with the idiots that are running it. They take God out of everything, how much longer do you think he will tolerate this. I'm thankful for every day......please forgive us Lord we know not what we do!
  13. Gold Brick


    So when there are seriously only two choices which one do you pick? Bad or worse? We are stuck between two bad choices, there really is no other option.
  14. Gold Brick


    Can't argue with that but for now just a wasted vote! If Ross Perot didn't make it I don't see anyone else as close as he was.
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